Nokia E55

Nokia E55

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this phone looks amazing, gorgeous and stylish. Where to buy in malaysia?

This phone is surprisingly underrated - compared to the Nokia E52 that is

Hang on, where has all the eBay listings for this phone gone? They all seem to have disappeared!

  • diehard nokia

is this still available up to now or it is phase out already?

  • AnonD-566238

Kobi, 16 Jan 2010Hi ! The Answer Is "yes", it does support Arabic... morewhere you got it in hebrew? can i buy it in israel?

  • originated

Nice phone.... Very light, slim and vast. In terms or processing... Runs on symbian OS s60... with a reliable 600mHZ processor, 482 ram. Nd 60mb internal storage... Comes wit awesome camera of which pple tot less of, as its jst 3.2MP...but seen is blivin jst get urs. Bravo! @ nokia. Mine is pure white, 4ever bryt***

  • Merit

The phone is a nice phone a mere looking at it i like it. But can please post the price of the in Nigeria

  • asim

I just want to know about the much ram this phone have?
because ram is not mention in the post.

  • Anonymous

super want,

  • Anonymous

oh my god if i get this phone Google,Skype,facebook and eBay
will get tired.i love this phone god gracious

  • Blaze

D General, 31 Dec 2013Its a nice fone,and i will get it as soon possible.Very gud fone. Bravo! Nokia.

  • Aragon

most wanted phone ! unique design, similiar to Blackberry 9100 but E55 much much better..

  • Anonymous

Where can I find this phone in the US? Or where can I order it from if outside the US?

  • AnonD-225525

Very nice phone - though morally out of date what with Symbian S60 being way too old thing to do with today :)

Still, I have one in quite good conditions still (bought it back in 2010 - and started using several days ago again as I've managed to very awkwardly drop my HTC Desire V)

Going back to Symbian after Android is not a pleasurable experience - still, before I find the time to repair HTC, this phone has definite advantages, as follows:

1. It is even slimmer than HTC Desire V (not a bulky phone to begin with), but also it is narrower, and much more comfortable to the hand for actual phone calls. And it's very elegant
2. Its battery is long-lived - I've charged it last morning, it's almost full charged still - if I remember correctly, on moderate use it could last more than 3 days without any charge
3. If I manage to locate original earphones, I remember the quality of music was quite good (if you are a user, there is a mobbler application to scroble along too)
4. Mobile internet is very good. Admittedly, its own browser eats up to much traffic, but for it supports facebook app, also, you can always opt for Opera Mini (If I compare my traffic with this phone and what I spent on mobile internet with android - well, it's 10% of the android (automated function of shutting down the connection when not used also helped there) - but of course quality of browsing is much worse than with android

All in all, back in 2009 it was a great phone, and, being elegant as it is, I won't feel ashamed walking about with it still - but of course it's an interim option :)

Still lucky I kept it when I moved to android - serves a back up phone now

  • D General

Ernest2kt, 12 Jan 2013Since I started using phones this is one the best phone i h... moreIts a nice fone,and i will get it as soon possible.

  • Anonymous

where can i buy this phone here in philippines.or still produce this product

  • Da Hool

nokia e55 amg :)))

  • adnan

i want to buy e55

  • utpal

i need to bye on where i found???

  • utpal

i need to bye on where i found???