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Nokia E61

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  • Kelevra
  • nxL
  • 17 Jul 2022

dear members, how much is a mobile phone like this worth these days? I want one because I really like it, would you be interested in the price of a 10/10? Thank you

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    • RSpace
    • StU
    • 03 Jun 2022

    Incredible phone, put a Vodafone VOXI SIM card in it, works flawlessly. Great design quality, feels dense and well made, and despite the fact that the battery is 16 years old it lasts longer on a full charge than my second generation iPhone SE. Brilliant.

      • a
      • anurhi
      • tx0
      • 06 Feb 2022

      I still have one of this, include box and buying note.. my unit still 95% perfection

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        • Anonymous
        • EQp
        • 07 Dec 2021

        Pls make them again

          • m
          • marge
          • aX3
          • 15 May 2021

          This WOULD have been the absolute perfect, best phone of 2005 had it actually have a camera. Sadly it did not. :(

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            • The one above all
            • x0x
            • 10 Apr 2021

            Still works, 25 Feb 2021Just turned on my E61 stored in my drawer. it still works, ... moreWhat did you expect? You dare question Nokia?

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              • Still works
              • ucx
              • 25 Feb 2021

              Just turned on my E61 stored in my drawer. it still works, charges and the battery did not bloat after all this time.

              All my other phones (samsung, LG, HTC, etc) have bloated batteries after sometime and cannot be started, even with the chargers connected.
              the keyboard was just amazing, wish they would upgrade this with a new CPU/GPU and hires screen but with the same keyboard.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • PEZ
                • 30 Jan 2021

                I want battery of this mobile

                  Anonymous, 24 Dec 2005Too many keys. I thought this was a phone. Are you going to... moreWell no but it's much easier to send SMS messages or e-mails than just a T9 keypad.

                    No camera? Seriously?

                      • l
                      • lee
                      • 0rN
                      • 10 Aug 2018

                      roy, 03 Jul 2018i am using this smartphone over 10 years now in 2018 this s... moreafter the e61i I had a google one and a blackberry and samsung, but after every crash, burn or theft, i still get back to the e61i, wonder why, is this one still for sale?

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                        • roy
                        • uWR
                        • 03 Jul 2018

                        i am using this smartphone over 10 years now in 2018 this smartphone work ok in 2018 amazing smartphone

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                          • nook
                          • gIr
                          • 25 May 2016

                          I bought this smart in 2007, and still am using it. Alternatives on Android are not for me. Hope just on a sort of Ubuntu Phone, but its slow coming to russian market gradually scale down the hope...

                            • R
                            • Randy
                            • aXN
                            • 24 Apr 2016

                            Nokia e61 is great to beat the modern government spying and tracking as no gps. Set it up with a prepaid throwaway sim and you are incognito.

                            *who are all the people here begging for a phone and other related items? Disgraceful!*

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                              • AnonD-278568
                              • EUC
                              • 07 Oct 2015

                              Hello reviewers I'm interested in buying this phone today with about 166 $ ,what's your opinion and what's the best alternatives in the same conditions ,No internet and qwerty keyboard.

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                                • rolin
                                • 0Bh
                                • 14 Sep 2015

                                rolin, 14 Sep 2015Still going strongIt is really great

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                                  • rolin
                                  • 0Bh
                                  • 14 Sep 2015

                                  Still going strong

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Fq{
                                    • 24 Aug 2015

                                    i want to buy the battery of these phone, when can i get it?

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                                      • G.B
                                      • t1$
                                      • 04 Jun 2015

                                      It is a very very good mobile.thank you nokia e61.

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                                        • Ujjwal
                                        • XMc
                                        • 27 May 2015

                                        i really really love this phone. I lost it but i want to buy this set again. So is it possible now to buy new one.