Nokia E63

Nokia E63

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  • veenus a v

really good phone. I still use it along with my iPhone. this gives really nice battery backup and drop protection. surely for apps and other experiences related to new era, i need to use iPhone

  • Victory

Qwerty keypad ... Even I prever Blackberry at those years, but Nokia E63 bring me so many great moments in mobile activities

  • King of Kings

One of the Greatest phone of the time

  • Can we make video ca

Can we make video call

  • Vj

AnonD-747714, 27 Mar 2018I recently brought Nokia E63 (Refurbished) ,I Couldn't find Wif... moreRM - 600 doesn't support wifi

  • Dj Alinda

I can not use bluetooth in this phone . Uneble to perfom bluetooth opera tion

Anoop, 21 Jul 2018Is it still available whats appNo any WhatsApp. Officially and with any fixes. Just Opera Mini, several ICQ and Jabber/XMPP clients still work.

  • keymaster

i really love this phone in my life even now im with it but what make me annoyed is the phone has stop sporting whatsapp

AnonD-747714, 27 Mar 2018I recently brought Nokia E63 (Refurbished) ,I Couldn't find Wif... moreYou have a Chinese OEM. Seller imported that from China refurbished and sold. Wifi is banned in china so no wifi option in your e63.
China is dumping garbage in India everyday and our government is sleeping, fighting for seats. What more can we expect from them?

  • Haruna Alo Dan Fancy

The loveble phone i have never seen.
Its surely good in part of network especial for like me student. Its helps for educational purpose.
That is why i have no phone like E63 whatever kind of phone i has. I will be with E63.

I was used this phone since 2011 to 2014. It was a an excellent phone . One of my favorite .

Using this phone now. It is my favourite phone.
Sound is awesome. Phone is really awesome

  • pukkar

Been using an E63 for 9 years now, as 2nd phone. mainly text .
very reliable
Radio and sound are excellent, especially as the EU restrictions since 2011 have not halved the volume !!!

  • MiniClue

i used it for my 2nd phone for emergency backup. phone work flawlessly even today in july 2018. wifi work fine but browser??? hmmm mostly wap page already dead in 2018. so, no more mobile browsing in this phone accept for fb and tweeter.

  • Anoop

Bala, 18 Jun 2018Which type Whats app version is installed/used in Nokia E63Is it still available whats app

  • Ankur

Upto how much numbers we can store contacts in phone directory of nokia e63??
Please reply fast....

  • Bala

Which type Whats app version is installed/used in Nokia E63

  • unknown

One of the best phones I have ever seen and/or used

  • Brosig

joel_y na God , 11 Mar 2018even today I still dey use E63 ! does the wifi work?

  • Anonymous

Bharatpurian, 14 Dec 2017Does nokia e63 support whatsappno