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  • Sami


  • MrValentineTemplar

Like many of you I also loved the Nokia E7-00 and fortunately I found a reputable company in China that has many of them available!

I'm a former investigative reporter for both Post Newsweek and CBS News. I also own a security company now. I use Protonmail. I purchased one the Nokia E7-00s from the Chinese company. I explained what I wanted to do with it. They sent me one that works beautifully. Of course the unit is 3G and as you may know in the USA all cellphones have to be 4G and 5G capable now. If anyone knows differently please let me know. My Chinese contact just said AT&T and T-Mobile would work on it. I have Cricket Wireless.

I finally was able to install Opera Mini on it and it works beautifully!

Any information is appreciated 😊

  • Ilho84

IceFoxx, 26 Aug 2019As Symbian is not supported anymore you can use it, but only wit... moreCan it internet browsing?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2019E7Nokia e7

  • kira

This is my favourite symbian smartphone.
In this smartphone i liked its sliding keyboard design very much.

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2019Help me decide guys. Which one is better, E7 or N8N8 bro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2019Help me decide guys. Which one is better, E7 or N8E7

If you miss this horizontal sliding keyboard form factor but wanted Android, you may want to check F(x)tec Pro1. That is indeed a recreation of the E7 but with Android 9.0 Pie.­ccessor-of-nokia-e7-announced-at-mwc19-as-fxtec-­pro1/

  • Anonymous

Help me decide guys. Which one is better, E7 or N8

  • IceFoxx

Annie, 24 Aug 2019Can this phone still be used in 2019?As Symbian is not supported anymore you can use it, but only with basics: Phonecalls, SMS, and so on. Whatsapp does NOT work anymore as Whatsapp quit support for symbian in summer 2017.
I know this as I still keep my E7, it was in my eyes the best phone ever. If Nokia brings up another phone like this, I will be the very first customer

  • Annie

Can this phone still be used in 2019?

  • Kym

I really love the Nokia E7, if Nokia can manufacture something similar. Mine is nogat working but am still keeping it.

  • Hero

My dream smartphone. I still want it

  • Anonymous

It's so beautiful !!

  • kuwar

baboo, 25 Aug 2018does anyone had problems with charging'no

Nokia lover, 24 Dec 2017Nokia needs to see reason why it should produce android version ... moreYes I agree with you, it's very important for Nokia Lovers

Best phone ever. Wish I could use it again with symbian os but with large screen. I missed it so much especially symbian games (Spiderman, NFC etc).

  • Anonymous

Android should make phone like this model with Android's specs.

  • Nobody

My biggest regret. I feel very bad that I didn't buy this phone. I could have bought. But I had chosen to spent money for other things. even though, I didn't need it, I wish I had bought it. Now, I even wan't to buy a renewed one and rip it off and put a suitable android hardware in it. This is just because Symbian is dead. I actually wish, Symbian and its developers to come back, too.

  • Hero

Anas Amsha, 05 Oct 2018I wish if we can get this phone again but with Android and at le... moreI hope so , until 2018 I still want this phone