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  • mike n97 torch user

AnonD-570, 15 Feb 2011m in love with the NOKIA hardware...i have used many androids so... moreI do agree with u.

I myself have been using bb torch currently, my 2nd phone is the n97 as well as the sony x10.

I have been using symbian since a very long time, n97 is probably my 10th nokia symbian device, but the x10 is my first sony ericsson as well as my first android phone, also the bb is my first ever bb.

My experience so far, symbian is the best for everyday use making calls, notes, calender,

x10 android is fast, and great for taking pictures, sleek design, gets attention.

bb the best messenger phone so far.

My next phone, I am pretty lost between E7, xperia play xperia arc and galaxy s 2.

  • lol

I think processor of E7 doesn't perform well. It has same issue as N8. Nokia please seek alternat of Symbian.

  • Anonymous

symbian doesnt use so much power as android so a 680mhz is equal to 1ghz android.Although the camera is bad and screen res but good quality and design unlike samsung and lg phones.and symbian isnt that crappy cuz i have se vivaz pro and I can unpack rar files,download torrents,read pdf files and so on.still android is a better OS than

  • tarang diging

i like this mobil....

  • AnonD-1564

I would have bought this phone if Nokia would have included the Fm transmitter and micro SD card slot,this phone should have had N8 hardware plus the keyboard phone.They can and should build a N8 with real keyboard for we symbian lovers. Nokia should be able to make symbian,android and wp7 phones if the want to be leaders.I'm vex they don't have any new phones to show,what in the world they been doing for the past year.Fire the people at the top , not the bottom.

  • AnonD-37

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2011Nokia will bu using Window7 for its operating system after its a... moreIf all goes well then we will see a Nokia WP7 this year but there is a chance that we won't see one until 2012.

  • haja

Symbian, Game Over...........

  • Anonymous

Nokia will bu using Window7 for its operating system after its agreement with IBM. Symbian will be history. Nokia will be dropping its symbian OS and replace it with W7 for future phones.

Its time for them to make the move.

Whether its getting better of worst only time will tell.

Just wait and see for the next 6 months for Nokia Phone running W7 OS.

  • Rahul

Does not make any sense to buy Symbian phones for such hefty prices as Nokia will discontinue symbian support down the line. Better options with Android

  • nokia expert

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2011i have a nokia e71 and want to upgarde to a nokia e7 .is the e7 good?Buy iphone or blackberry and you will not regret your decision. Nokia is not coping up with market in term of hardware, feature, look and over all product quality. I can give hundreds of example (if u ask) to justify my statement. Now its time to quit Nokia.

  • nokia oldfan notnow

what's the strategy giving 1200mh battery in this high end phone specially other E-series keeping 1500mh battery. Nokia still thinks they rule the market but not anymore. This type of poor plus and minus in hardware and features really killing them to compete in the market. Well Done Nokia, keep up the good work like this so you lose the remaining market.

Nokia, you NEED to wake up already! The past year was a curse 4 you, and now you didn't announced any devices!! Shame on NOkia! I thought earlier that they will announce that N9 Meego phone! I am disappointed! Samsung will beat the hell out of you!

  • AnonD-570

m in love with the NOKIA hardware...i have used many androids so far but beside my i phone 3gs and moto milestone i was never that impress with most of the droids i had so far...especially my previous android samsung galaxy s...the feel was so cheap,plasticy and soooo smudgy,just hate it !!! they lack the luxurious premium feel inspite of paying for them so much...but then i am so happy with my current NOKIA N8 and now planning to buy this beauty !!! just love the anodized bodies of other smartphone compnies are offering that luxurious feel...but after listning to steph...m worried about the feuture of symbian...shd i go for this guys???

i dont understand why thers so much of hatrcy for symbian,i agree it might not be an eyecandy os to be impress with it...but it certnly deserves its place after being there for so long...and i have never seen such battery life in any androids i have used so far like my N8...androids big processors are battery eaters...where as my N8 gives me about 2-3 days with prety regular use...

i would rather choose working os with superb built quality like symbian with nokia rather than just an eyecandy os like android with cheap plastic feel hardware which i have to use while keeping my eye on my battery monitor...

  • AnonD-1311

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2011 Meego Preview At MWC 2011 disappoints... http://www.slash... morethat's Intel's stock tablet ui, not nokia's.

  • Anonymous

Meego Preview At MWC 2011 disappoints...­11-disappoints-14133583/

  • satheesh

simply superb phone

  • Anonymous

this phone is unreally expensive for what it offers we can get a great android os a highly supported iphone at this much

  • Anonymous

I am still using E90 expecting Nokia to provide an alternative, esthetically i did,nt like E7, Nokia is very slow with their new range of products, so i guess i will have to look at other options..

  • Anonymous

maybe nokia is not worried in loosing millions of symbian loyalists come the planned transition to WP7, because someONE(?) has given them billions of $$$ in advance to cover nokia's brand damage and stock depreciation. somethin's really fishy about this partnership. just imagine, y not just add WP7 to symbian, meego and at the same time, give QT the same attention and even make it work for WP7?! would that make millions of symbian accustomed customers (including me) to continue buying handsets from nokia? answer - YES! that would probably put a not so happy face to steve b, but at least you made more happy faces! i know partnering with MSFT is a business decision, but i guess showing concern, in little form will do =( from a known brand like nokia to long time customers and developers are much more worthy, imo. many have spoken, the word trust is significantly diminishing exorbitantly. money makes the world turn really. unfortunately, my most respected brand recently made a 180 degree spin and suddenly turned its back to amuse someONE else. millions were dismayed and felt betrayed. meanwhile, a bunch of green robots came, why don't u try us? we are more "open"

nevertheless, i dont discount the fact that perhaps, currently employed symbian workforce arent doin their jobs 100%.. if u are somewhat guilty, please try to stop the burning platform to continue. it's never too late. u have us, supporters of that platform. otherwise, business decisions like this, are inevitable. i hope heavy rains come soon, and pray those rains will come from u guys, symbian workforce at helsinki! also, maybe the REAL conspiracy is - adapt WP7 for the time being wyl we finish both symbian and meego behind the scenes and announce restoring dedication to these two platforms later!

  • AnonD-1659

i was wondering why nokia couldn't continue to develop symbian as favour for their fans into something really awesome and entertaining, esp series 40 and their qwerty phones. MeeGo and WP7 are great but it would still be good to keep symbian