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  • Prabu.p

Personal use

  • Anonymous

zoro, 23 Jul 2018hey...where i can download hebrew language ?Pls educate me about the selfie camera

  • Sammy

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2019Good evening sir I really need your help I have nokia e72 ... moreYou should download and install operamini for symbian phones.

  • Anonymous

E72, 21 Apr 2013To block some number of contact >> Go to Menu - Applicati... moreGood evening sir

I really need your help

I have nokia e72 ..

There is very important site to my work usually use from that mibile because username and password already saved in thta mobile

But now default broweser cannot open the site and I need to open from another phone or pc

But I cannot remember the username and password

So I need help how can I get site data saved on that phone

How can I see my saved data 😢😢😢

Please help



  • Anonymous

After having been testing a couple of different and contemporary so called smart phones, my conviction has grown stronger that the Nokia E72 still can be considered being a smart electronic companion to have in one´s pocket. Here are some of the reasons:

> well-equipped multi-account e-mail client with reliable push functionality
> never getting bothered by OS update messages
> many serious modern websites run quite well in opera
> clear sound, even seakerphone, sensitive mic
> no potential for virus attacks (just open suspicious attachements without any fear)
> built-in high-quality internet radio (customise your own list of pls/mp3 streams)
> long battery life, exchangeable, available battery
> brilliant keypad (more buttons than on a blackberry with easy access to special characters)
> real pocket sice, with one hand operational
> sufficient 5MP + front camera, led flash, (even as torchlight with dedicated button)
> pre-installed word, excel -compatible software, e-mail reader, pdf-reader, multi-lang. dictionary ....
> (transflective) display fully readable in brightes sun
> even youtube movies run (no high resolution / quality)
> big illuminated watch in standby, accessible through button
> a wealth of accessories / apps still to be downloaded from the web
> extremely sturdy (I run over it with the rear wheel of my bicycle without any damage)
> all funcions, apps, etc. being almost blindly accessible with a few keystrokes
> real and very convenient multitasking (listen to foreign-language radio, have the on and off-line translator, and a note pad running simultanously for language learning.

The day will inevitably come to change, but what brand might really outrival it?

  • Anonymous

Santosh, 17 Oct 2018Unlocke to my nikita e72 please help mesimply go to a Gsm store and ask them for an unlock. or reset it to factory settings

  • Daniel

I have an E72. I bought it at Salvation Army maybe 2 years ago for $1.50 USD. I did not do much with until recently when I bought a chip for Lycamobile. I started using my E72 and I really like it! I used a V3 for a little bit and while that was good for some things, I like the E72 more. Easy to send text and email; call quality is good too. I am not into all the modern goodies so I am not as worried about what it can't do- I am pleased with what it can do. I even use it to write little stories and it works better than I thought. If you don't mind going back a little in time, the E72 is a solid performer and you will not be sorry for using one.

  • mostak

i have a nokia E72
i want to use whatsapp in it i alredy install whatsapp but when i open the application a massage saw that set your time and date i dont know what to do
please anyone help me

  • Santosh

Unlocke to my nikita e72 please help me

  • Genius

eazy, 22 Sep 2011i was encrypting my phone, then i mistakenly remove the battery,... moreDon´t be a knob.

  • Anonymous

Kanishka, 20 Oct 2017I Love my Nokia E72 Phone.. But Enable to Call RecordIs it can normal voice recorde ?


love nokia e72 very smart phone and metal body bui

  • herba

__lovely_shaik__, 10 Jun 2018Can i use whatsapp in e72?yes

  • zoro

hey...where i can download hebrew language ?

  • Pepe

__lovely_shaik__, 10 Jun 2018Can i use whatsapp in e72?Not anymore :(

  • __lovely_shaik__

Can i use whatsapp in e72?

  • AnonD-698513

I love using past 6 yrs...still its working its my backup it

  • Friendly

Kanishka, 20 Oct 2017I Love my Nokia E72 Phone.. But Enable to Call RecordHello, try boldbeast recorder, works properly

  • Samson Grant

I had the Nokia E72 for about 5 years until it was stolen. Never froze on me, could hold battery charge for up to 5 days. Only 5MP camera but beautiful photos each time. I searched my city (Port Moresby) for similar but no longer available. Best ever phone I had and still miss it.

  • Kanishka

I Love my Nokia E72 Phone..
Enable to Call Record