Nokia E75

Nokia E75

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  • 30 May 2022

Madrax, 25 Nov 2019Where can I find it so as to purchase oneYou may message Jing Ain in Fb she is selling hers. this is vintage already.

    I owned this phone and thoroughly loved it. the phone felt really good on the the hand and the QWERTY was slick. until i experienced android.

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      • Madrax
      • fuV
      • 25 Nov 2019

      Where can I find it so as to purchase one

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        • xz2
        • 6wp
        • 08 Mar 2019

        Im still using this phone up to now. Call and txt are okay. No problem at all.

          Bought one brand new, box was stil sealed this April in Australia. Don't know how lucky I was. Phone works great but email app gets stuck then need to be restarted occasionally. Maybe I just wisely use the old firmware 100 than upgrade it to the recent 211.

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            • balvan
            • Sr9
            • 25 Jan 2018

            got this one in 2015 as a replacement for E71
            i have android phone for internet,navigation.....
            But normally using E75 for calls.... and is a great backup for internet, navigation....
            great phone....his price is in 2018 still high...

              The ringtones that come with the phone are very dope (y)

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                • AnonD-702839
                • 3q{
                • 23 Sep 2017

                this is fantastic phone

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                  • rich
                  • tDD
                  • 01 Aug 2017

                  ibruceibob, 22 Mar 2017i have just bought E75 and it is originally made in Finland... morewowww. is there any new e75? i thought it was all refurbished for now. great pieces you got

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                    • BOB
                    • Fv4
                    • 13 Apr 2017

                    ibruceibob, 22 Mar 2017i have just bought E75 and it is originally made in Finland... moreI assume that it's not brandnew. Here in the Philippines, I bought one for Php1000 (about SR100) that's 2013. Who knows how low they are selling this phone now. One of the best phone's I've had. Solid metal build phone. It gave up when I accidentally drowned it.

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                      • ibruceibob
                      • akC
                      • 22 Mar 2017

                      i have just bought E75 and it is originally made in Finland. The battery is made in Korea. And it is very cheap. 192.00 saudi riyals only.

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                        • AnonD-73104
                        • Hxa
                        • 21 Feb 2017

                        [deleted post]Abailable on

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                          • Magdalena36
                          • HK%
                          • 30 Mar 2016

                          Guys does it work on 3G Vodafone sim and has it got good calendar

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                            • AnonD-512302
                            • iAx
                            • 08 Mar 2016

                            AnonD-504813, 20 Feb 2016Hi Everyone, I had bought a Nokia E75 mobile long time b... moreMaybe transfer or export via bluetooth or search google "how to transfer sms from symbian to android"

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                              • AnonD-504813
                              • ssY
                              • 20 Feb 2016

                              Hi Everyone,

                              I had bought a Nokia E75 mobile long time back. Since almost a long time has passed, I got a new Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) mobile. The main backup I want is for the SMS Messages. I have got more than 1,000 important messages which has to be transferred to my new mobile. Is there any way I could do so? Please help... Thanks a lot in advance!!! :)....

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                                • M1
                                • nCe
                                • 21 Sep 2015

                                Pls can some1 guide me, on how to change the sms mode to 'threaded' view on the Nokia E75.

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                                  • Mr.Choi
                                  • rr0
                                  • 05 Sep 2015

                                  If I was to award the fastest phone according to me I have used then I will definately choose Noki E75 surely the phone is really compatible,well designed,able to satisfy one's needs and deserves all compliments a good phone can.I will ever care it and I wont change my phone to any but still stucked to Nokia E75. I thank the company for the good product they made. I wish if I could get my phone a new body and chases to keep it new. If there is please contact me my email address Thanks alot.

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                                    • AnonD-364792
                                    • ij2
                                    • 14 Aug 2015

                                    just get new software in service center

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                                      • t7X
                                      • 09 Jul 2015

                                      my LCD anf casing is Broken.........

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                                        • fj%
                                        • 30 May 2015

                                        I hve forgot my lock code