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Nokia G50

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  • Potato

When are Nokia head staff going to get that people want 1080p display at a minimum, that's a standard now.

  • Aditya Upadhyay

Right now we are not using the Nokia G50, but the basic problem that Nokia has been facing since the beginning till now, it has never tried to remove it, while how many times many people would have told about it in the comment box. .eg speaker malfunction, charging problem, voice slow..means to say that the problem is not very big but this small problem becomes very big and goes away from it, which he was once attached to, if he paid attention to it. If you go, * Nokia * is ruling the hearts of many even today. far away..our family is very much in love with nokia,which you can call blind bhakt,we all have learned to live with this problem...till now we have used many nokia 6.1 plus, nokia 2.2, nokia 3310.. what to say in this festival offer also order nokia c20 plus and nokia g20 which is on the way now...

Sumit, 23 Sep 2021Nokia 8.1 nokia 7 plus nokia 7.1 was great But now a days ... moresummed that xr20 for you

  • Nokia Indiaa

My family is using 4 nokia mobiles . 4 mobiles has 4 problems mic issue on Nokia 5.4 . Ear speaker problem in nokia 6.1 and nokia 6.1 plus. Charge port issue in nokia 6.1 plus. Nokia needs should has solve these Basic problems.

halgurd, 29 Sep 2021I think Nokia must make more powerful smart phones so that ... moreThey have build quality. Seem like they sale since they won't gonna stop this trend soon.

Feodor, 01 Oct 2021252 ppi 😒😒Right. From what I understand 300PPI is about what humans can see. Much more than that may be wasted energy.

  • Anonymous

Sd 480 😭

252 ppi 😒😒

  • NokiaIndia

Any 4g phone for indian users

  • halgurd

I think Nokia must make more powerful smart phones so that it can compete with other chinese phones such as Huawei,Xaiomi, oppo....., NOkia is still too much behind afyer returning to android system.

  • Anonymous

no any screen protection ?

  • Vitamin Nokia.

Thank you for bringing 6.82 inch where no phones are available at low budget and high screen with medium end specs. Some folks like me, a doctor by profession needs a big screen pack with 5000 mah Juice for a long day at work.

  • Review

808, 24 Sep 2021Let's wait for the flagship next month. Hope it's... moreMay be 7 inch or 7.2 inch phone. Not 6.1 inch or 6.2 inch phone and quad camera setup with ugly bumb design not two rear camera with nice design(this is most of peoples are expecting)

Nokia is best for senior citizens.πŸ₯ΈπŸ₯Έ.

  • Ar

With 6.3" FHD+ and Gorilla Glass it's perfect

Let's wait for the flagship next month. Hope it's a 6.5' Oled screen, Snapdragon 870/888.

I have used Nokia 6.1 plus for 2.5 years. I wish I get more years of OS updates because it's capable. I wish to upgrade to this phone. The only drawback here for me is the size of the phone. Apart from that 720p display is good for normal usage and SD 480 is very capable for a midrange phone.the battery is good. The circular rear camera design is ok. It give symmetry to the phone and differentiates it from other brand phones

  • Carol

Sumit, 23 Sep 2021Nokia 8.1 nokia 7 plus nokia 7.1 was great But now a days ... moreI actually love my super-stable nokia 9. Never had one lag.

  • rejoice roji

nokia is back.........

  • Sumit

Nokia 8.1 nokia 7 plus nokia 7.1 was great
But now a days nokia dong wrong

  • Tottos

Annasim Alaalile , 23 Sep 2021Nokia's past is better than its present Every time we ... moreYou are right man 😐