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Nokia Lumia 520

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  • AnonD-227278

aray, 07 Feb 2014I used thish pohn it give lot of pain thish phone not for fb lvr... moreYa.i also irritate sometimes during using fb...fb is not to the point dear windows phone platform is underdeveloped and cannot do much customisation...

  • AnonD-227278

AnonD-231319, 07 Feb 2014yes you are right HCL had already made such experiments by HCL ... moreYes HCL Me is Normandy type...

  • AnonD-227278

siva, 07 Feb 2014After i updated to black, my WhatsApp shows connectivity error, ... moreCheck RESTRICT BACKGROUND DATA option under data sense option,if it set as on ,set it off because when we set it as on,push notification system not work and also allow WhatsApp to run in back ground under setting>application>background task

  • kamau

how do i access my documents such as bluetooth transfered files eg word documents pdf and othher files

  • AnonD-231319

AnonD-227278, 07 Feb 2014I mean HCL ME not HTC me,so read as HCL Me instead of HTC meyes you are right HCL had already made such experiments by HCL ME that tab also instead of android os their is no access to google play store but they(HCL) provides their own store....

  • siva

After i updated to black, my WhatsApp shows connectivity error, it shows WhatsApp detected an issue of ur device push notification please reboot ur device, please help me, how can i solve this.....

  • AnonD-231319

AnonD-100814, 07 Feb 20141- i knw normandy is 1st step from nokia.. but now microsoft bou... moredear i know that u r not saying directly that android is bad and windows is good but from your comments it feels that yes you are,not direct but indirect one...regarding future 8.1 update than no one perfectly knows that how many features they will give so no one has any idea besides relaxe frnd ur writting long essay on ms and nokia partner ships,their license issues,their permission aspects....why?why u mentioning all this dude?all this issues knows every relax

  • aray

I used thish pohn it give lot of pain thish phone not for fb lvr bcs for wp not hv gd aaps in thish phn fb chat apps not working, for use thish phn harder than Android I giv 4 point for hardware n look n giv 1 point for oprating system thank.

  • AnonD-231319

AnonD-100814, 07 Feb 20141- i knw normandy is 1st step from nokia.. but now microsoft bou... morefrnd this big companys not working on your personal thinking or my personal thinking,u r saying that i dont think nokia will plan any other handset after normandy is base less,because what will be their future project is only they knows...dear u had clearly stated in previous comment that all flagship,octa core handset hangs and now u refused that u had not said...because of that baseless comments only i thought to rply ur comment....dear regarding new CEO Than every one knows that who he is and where he is from and what time period he spent with thanx dear but we all knows this,not a new news...and regarding MS than they not belives in sharing their whole future goals so u cant judge them merely on the basis of thinkings friend.....frnd MS is a big name they never share their inside conditional deals and contract so...ur saying ms ows nokia it is very well know and old news now,every one knows that so no need to mention my friend.... and im not in favour of any platform but only in favour of truth...frnd windowsphone platform is underdevelop platform so it will take more time to gaine high popularity...

  • AnonD-231387

I love Lumia 520 its user friendly I proud to use windows mobiles my next mobile Lumia 1020

  • AnonD-100814

AnonD-231319, 07 Feb 2014dear wp8 lvr,nokia normandy is first step towards android,i had ... more1- i knw normandy is 1st step from nokia.. but now microsoft bouts nokia Handset n service division so its total microsoft decision to allow to launch normandy or not..
2- if still nokia launch normendy then i think its 1st n last nokia android device..
coz nokia handset division is microsofts property.
3- ms already owns asha and lumia names from nokia and ms has license to use nokia brand on ther future phones.
4- after ms+nokia deal nokia officialy no longer to make any phone till 2016 or next 10yrs.
whole handset division goes under microsoft.
5- normendy is project made by few excited nokia employees. and if they want to launch as a trial experiment then ms definetly allows them..
in my opinion normendy is gud project but i dont think ms allow them to sell it for longer period.

6- m not told all flagship android hangs.. only few like galaxy s4.
android is already king here.. all knws.
but wp8 also growing day by day.. we cant change this fact.
wp8 already overtakes blackberry n also ios in few markets.. which is very gud sign for wp os.

7- yes wp8 has few missing features n limitations which overcomes in next few updates like next major wp8.1 blue update..

8- m not telling android is bad and wp8 gud..
both r gud..
every os has its own pros n cons.
its total users choice. we cant change these facts.

9- now Microsoft anounces ther 3rd new CEO as Satya Nadella.. he is indian.. from hydrabad.
feels proud that our indian guy is now microsofts ceo.
n if u read ther emails after anouncment of new ceo then he is much passionate about mobile world so we hav hope that ms done great job in upcoming time.

  • TejasN

Maan, 07 Feb 2014I have already update Black in my L 520 at 30-Jan-2014 & Add... moreDude,

Go to settings> system settings > touch (4th last from bottom depending on the menu stack-up) > Double tap to wake up (Switch it on)

One caution - Keep your Touch Sensitivity to Normal while opting for this "Double Tap to Wake Up" as it invokes the screen even with a small feather touch

  • AnonD-100814

Maan, 07 Feb 2014I have already update Black in my L 520 at 30-Jan-2014 & Add... moreJust on double tap to wake up..
when ur phone screen goes time out or off then now u no more need to press side lock key to wake up ur screen.
just double tap on screen n ur screen wakes up.

  • J D

AnonD-231319, 07 Feb quality app 2.hangs some time 3.some app crashes 4.shari... morewhat about lumia 525

  • TejasN

Not really a complaint - however help me out here fellow brethrens. The loudspeaker sound in my NL520 even at volume 01/30 (ring+vibrate) is too loud. It does not bother me much but still think the loudness is high for the volume level 01. Suggest if this is the same case with others using L520


I would like to say this phone THE NOKIA LUMIA 520.
there r touch is i can say perfect, high sensitivity of touch, motion of glass is really very very good. Voice call clarity and sound of playing songs good, there r voice clarity is perfect to hear in noise pollution, u can hear clearly voice in traffic, the sound is loudly but there r not equalizer sou cant set any other effect in sound, display is sharp and clear, scratch resistance glass, high quality video u can play and u feel really best display at time of video play, most off all apps r support which made for windows, there r less apps available for windows phone then android, android has lot of apps ao u can enjoy more fun and features in android, here just 2 thinks r minus for 520. 1 no more apps. 2 battery backup is low . Otherwise phone perfect to use as bussiness man or also for fun. Camera quality is really i can say perfect without flash, at night time camera result is down, in day time if u use camera properly then u got hd quality result in photo and video.
my this review i post after buy and use on my hand, value for money handset. I repeat who one want more fun and features then go for any best android mobile. Nokia quality and result r always perfect , hardware also best quality, windows os need to be better...

  • Maan

I have already update Black in my L 520 at 30-Jan-2014 & Additional setting I show Double Tap to windows key for weak up. How Can I do this. Becouse I don't know the proccess. Please guys help me.

  • AnonD-231319 quality app
2.hangs some time
3.some app crashes
4.sharing of files is very much pain
5.s d card is not detected as expected because of absense of file manager
6.notification tone cannot be set for whats app,f.b,we chat etc
7.storing files to sky drive eats lots of MB
8.cut,copy,paste of files cannot be done from phone itself app lock
10.lots of app have missing features compare to other platform
11.less customisation with in phone
12.downloaded video from uc browser cannot be save to sd card,or phone it needs pc connection every time which is time consuming process
13.downloaded ring tone in phone cannot backup by phone
all this are my experience with this phone
so over all i personally not at all satisfied with this phone,it is very limited feature phone from which u cannot do more is one step phone and after that u need help of pc to get things done...

  • Anni

Can you please tell me why I have to charge my phone every second and my air only last for few hours. Please tell am I doing wrong.

  • AnonD-231319

AnonD-100814, 07 Feb 2014Yup i got this.. but we dont want tab here.. i knw nexus is gud... moredear wp8 lvr,nokia normandy is first step towards android,i had readed one of your comment that every flagship android handset hangs its totally totally not true dear,L520 has huge list of missing features ....