Nokia Lumia 530

Nokia Lumia 530

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  • Naughty
  • up6
  • 15 Apr 2022

Johny Jocker, 13 Dec 2020And where do you get apps for that phone. I can't open... moreUpgrade to windows 10 using OTC updater

    The best navigation. Here is updated today in 2021. The display in 3D is better than on newer mobile phones. GPS is accurate even at speeds above 100 kmh.

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      • Johny Jocker
      • 8jt
      • 13 Dec 2020

      mkhud_nd, 20 Jan 2020Very good and reliable phone and I've had it for 5 years wi... moreAnd where do you get apps for that phone. I can't open Microsft Store cause it doesn't support it any more. Can't upgrade Windows Mobile cause phone is not supported any more. Can't do anything with it anymore. So sad. :(

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        • Greatowen
        • Nu7
        • 12 Apr 2020

        Music phone, network failure few times. Very clear during call.
        Nice phone though.

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          • snyperhawkx
          • sFX
          • 21 Jan 2020

          Now support for it has ended, you can’t install any apps anymore and basically all the internet based features have stopped working. Now it’s basically just a useless piece of junk. And yes, technically it still works as a phone, but it’s not worth it anymore. There are people selling the phone for about $60-70, but it’s not worth buying any Windows Phone these days. You can get a 4G Android phone for about the same price which is still supported with internet based features and the Play Store for apps.

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            • mkhud_nd
            • fn3
            • 20 Jan 2020

            Very good and reliable phone and I've had it for 5 years with no problems at all it it's using the original battery. But the few few issues I have is that in the 2020 the RAM and CPU are now starting to feel a bit old and the browser keeps closing on its own nearly every time when I browse the internet

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              • Kostaslefk
              • S4b
              • 10 Jan 2020

              thomson, 24 Aug 2015windows 10 cant update in lumia 530Why not boring updates Nokia Lumia 530 10

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                • AnonD-819322
                • 3aW
                • 09 Mar 2019

                Worse than the 520...

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                  • huud
                  • vV5
                  • 06 Nov 2018

                  I use MS phone, 04 Aug 2017This is The END My friend..... 8.1 phones have been stop re... moreSo sad.. We in the same boat

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Nue
                    • 31 Aug 2018

                    Please I don't know what is wrong I can not power off d phone,it will just write goodbye and stay that way till the battery drain

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                      • ERIC
                      • P@Y
                      • 10 Jul 2018

                      can i get a help because my nokia 530 ineeds a reprogram but how?

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                        • tom
                        • 2Zf
                        • 27 Jun 2018

                        Anonymous, 07 Apr 2015My nokia lumia 530 has been set up to narrator and i can't ... moreIt's not a big issue. I am also the user of Nokia Lumia 530 and 2-3 days ago I was facing the same can easily go and check the Microsoft Support Canada to know the solution in detail. It really works for me.

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                          • Vijay
                          • rJJ
                          • 14 Mar 2018

                          Using for 2½ , 05 Sep 2017Go to the website via uc browser(you may ... moreMarket place means??

                            It's alright for such a cheap price. Don't expect a large memory or good cameras.

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                              • Using for 2½
                              • Xu8
                              • 05 Sep 2017

                              D Barman, 12 Apr 2016 I am using this phone lumia 530 . i can not find any probl... moreGo to the website via uc browser(you may use any other browser) the app/game...then come back to marketplace,tap on 'install local apps' and install the downloaded app/game to your device

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                                • Zee
                                • 9xa
                                • 29 Aug 2017

                                It’s the worst phone I’ve ever had, I used it less than a year but now the mother board needs to be changed. Still in good condition though

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                                  • I use MS phone
                                  • T4c
                                  • 04 Aug 2017

                                  This is The END My friend..... 8.1 phones have been stop receiving updates and supoprt from 01.07.2017 ..... END for all 8.1 phones.. now you are on your own

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                                    • almas
                                    • u1v
                                    • 26 Jul 2017

                                    it cant down load uber's app properly nor it work on my phone. i am facing a lot of embarrassment. is there any one can help me in this regard?

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                                      • Vku
                                      • D01
                                      • 21 Jun 2017

                                      It is the worst phone I have never used in my carries battery is very bad they do not give any update u won't get most of official apps for this mobile ..... I recommend u to buy other phones like Moto..etc

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                                        • DELON
                                        • rj8
                                        • 29 Apr 2017

                                        How can i delete internal memory that says it is full but there is no data on the internal memory of my phone