Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610

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  • sunil yadav

i am perchace lumia 610 so pls sajesh me

  • Sonu Patil

Music and videos downloading problems occurs....

  • AnonD-130913

Is there any way background tasks can be activated on this phone? With phone upgrade to 7.8, the performance improves over 7.5 but with no background tasks, third party live tiles are not live at all.

  • Anonymous

HalfEntity, 26 Mar 2013If you upgrade to WP 7.8 all the features will be working. Use Z... morehey can i upgrade to WP 7.5 directly from my mobile by connecting wifi and please give me the exact link where to upgrade

  • shona

M done..this is really waste..its waste without doubt camera is good to go.but no extra folders for pictures....i seriously wastd ma money..stop imitating iphone!!please.guys please dont ever buy this phone..add some more money and buy a bettr cellphone.hate nokia.hate lumia.temple run,subway surf do not work in dis phone.shii..

  • Tshepo

Nokia lumia 610 is extremely good 4 me and friends. You can't use Lumia when ur technology shy, zune makes things easy.

  • ding

How can I send message to multiple contacts? It's not allowing me.

  • akbar ali

I am akbar Ali ,using Nokia lumia 710 for last few months ,I feel very bad for buying Nokia lumia ,because some game and some app support for some model only my friend using lumia 920 he is downloading and using more game and app,few game and app not available for my lumia 710 for example game like temple run ,etc. Are downloaded and using by my friend but it is not available for my lumia 710 model,please avail all games and app for all lumia model of windows mobile

  • Pichula

Sorry - this fone is useless. Just too much hassle to use - Nokia have damaged their reputation by allowing this phone onto the market. Camera is OK, but ONLY in good daylight, otherwise its a waste of time. You also cant maximise font size on received messages - I wear glasses, and still the font is way too small for me. Ring tones are far too soft - I miss so many calls because of that. Keep away - dont get this fone.


i dont have nokia lumia610

  • babi

very bad phone.using past 6 month it just hangs.uc browser is not working properly.whats app take more time to open.please do not buy this 3000 more and buy lumia 620 it is quite good.but it has less game.

  • AnonD-90122

It is not a bad phone. I use spotify and graffiti radio for music. I stream I have unlimited data on tmobile. I think the 610 is better to type on than the lumia 710. I gave the my 710 to my mother. I am considering getting the 810 for a upgrade. I know once you use one windows phone you use them all. But would like a newer phone to use. If I do not like it I would just sell it overseas. I think it has better battery life because of the lower processor. I mostly use it for social networking and music. I do not have a bushiness and It was never officially sold in north america. It is very rare to see another one around. I like having something that is unique around my area. It is sold in my parents home country. I bought on ebay from someone who went to Europe and brought it back.

  • .............

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2013U can record audio in note which U can find in office and for Bl... morewhen i get to zune what do i do???????/

  • prasad

lumia phone 610 is tooo wast mobile camera is not 5mp it is 2mp there is no mark option so many defaults are there in lumia phones

  • Anonymous

M, 25 Mar 2013can i download whatsapp with this phoneGo to Whatsapp

  • tus

This phone is totally bullshit.....
Never go for this......
you cannot transfer files via bluetooth or via usb cable.....
Via usb cable you need to install zune....nd with that you can only transfer music nd video files....nd nothing else.....
Whatsapp is not running well due to its cheap processor nd ram.....
Nd everything is opening very slowly....nd gps is worthless....
There is missing texting option to few contacts.....
Only the gud thing is that....

  • Anonymous

M, 25 Mar 2013can i download whatsapp with this phoneYES

praskash, 24 Mar 2013The phone is good but it doesn't have sound recording facility a... moreIf you upgrade to WP 7.8 all the features will be working. Use Zune and upgrade so you won't have any complains.

M, 25 Mar 2013can i download whatsapp with this phoneYes, you can find Whatapp in the marketplace. It's free and it runs great.

  • wewe

so all in all this phone is imitating iPhone