Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610

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  • AnonD-128145

Hey friend, I think you should buy android phone not lumia phones bcoz all Nokia lumia phones have smallest apps market as compared to android and apps are of very very low quality. I know so many problems of lumia phone bcoz I used Nokia lumia 610. I think its totally useless box.
So don't waste your money on any lumia phone

  • AnonD-94586

I had this phone, its a piece of junk
1 no blueth support
2 no mass storage
Nokia really screwed up
I'm actually glad my cousin accidentally broke it
I actually thanked him

  • Prakash

Frnd u can use lumia 610 so plz don't try any small apps
uc & opera etc.
Plz go to Nokia music & search u r songs..

  • shahbaz

hi everyone..about nokia 610.the bluetooth is not compatible with any other phone to send or recieve any data...i recommend not to buy this ph..its purely money wastage

  • wilreks

Why dont you get a cd with the phone. i am unable to down load photos or send by blutooth. The booklet that came with the phone does not help you at all.

  • AnonD-127527

Friends any one of uuuu help me plzzz!!!how can i download audio songs in Nokia lumia 610
If we download in uc browser songs does not shows it music library
Plzzzzz help me friends

  • aman

I have comments about Nokia Lumia 610 phone because I own it.
This phone lacks many features and has got the following poor performances.
1.The battery runs out quickly
2.It is not possible to use the speaker when using radio
3.To use the radio, you must insert the ear phone. But nowadays other phones have built in antenna to listen a radio without head set.
4.The font size of the phone numbers of the contact list is very small that it is difficult to see the phone numbers.
5.It is difficult to receive and open files by blue tooth from other phones.
6.The font sizes in most menus are small that it is impossible to enlarge them.
7.It does not have necessary information about files and memory .It is not shown the used and available sizes of memory.
8.It does not accept external memory card to enhance the memory capacity.
9 . The messaging menu is not organized into folders such as inbox, draft , outbox , sent folders.
10 .The menu and sub menus of the functions are not organized simply.
11.This phone does not have some basic menus and applications which are available in other normal and smart phones.

Therefore the performance of this phone is very poor when compared with other types such as Samsung and Apples smart phones. Generally this phone is not user friendly when using it.
The overall rating of Nokia Lumia 610 should be 1 out of 5 . So I will not recommend to my friends and other people to buy it.
Also it shows that Nokia is still lagging in technology behind other smart phone manufacturers.
I would prefer to buy other type smart phones rather than buying this garbage and poor smart phone. I feel very sorry and mistaken to own this phone.

  • Karthik

Hai Every one...
1)Every App in this Lumia 610 is very very slow..
2)We Cannot connect to mobile banking....
3)Apps available when compared to Android are very less..
4)Having available memory of only 6GB sucks...
5)Battery backup is not bad
6)we cannot set any background wallpapers..
7)Available theme colors are less..
8)camera quality, speakers are fine..
9)most of the free games available in android will not be available in this...
u can find Bluetooth share option,Ringtone maker(ur preferred songs as ringtone) if u just update the OS from Nokia Care..

Since U R grown enough , u can decide whether to buy this or not.....

  • Ananta

this is a fake mobile. it I'd not work java and some applications. its used so defect so all of friend you no brought this phone.ok non as you loss your money

  • Bhoza

2 words to best describe this handset...

Shit Phone... ****

If you were considering buying, DON't.. processor in this thing is a nightmare.. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a handset, but learnt my lesson..

  • Bassey

prat, 18 Mar 2013I have bought this phone recently. The first thing that came to ... more@ prat thanks for your enlightenment

  • Lawale

Pls help! My etisalat MB, like 15 doesn't last lng at all. It takes off MB like anything. My phone is lying useless with me, no opportunity to send anything to it. Pls how can I get the best frm this phone?

  • mika c

How can Nokia put out such poorly developed rubbish. There is no PC interface to back up contacts & messages such as in PC suite???
I have tried for many days to get my phone to communicate with Zune on my XP PC without any success. I have downloaded Zune 4 times, still does not recognise Lumia.

  • Anonymous

cool mo dee, 15 Mar 2013u cnt put wifi settings and bluetooth connection is a problem.wh... moreJoh damn I was on my way to go and buy the nokia 610 and b4 I did make that mistake I go through ur guys complaints ans it stop me b4 I throw my money away thanx guys

  • jedk

To whom that has this phone..stop lying yourself that you are happy with this shit.go buy new phone !!!
yes it can support whatapp,viber and such...but to use it,lag like whatapp when in group chatting, you will feel to throw your phone and your head on a wall LOL..

  • RJV

Hmmm, i was thinkin to bring this phone too, changed ma mind

  • t

I just bought lumia 610 but the sim card is not working

  • Anonymous

Friends please tell me which one is better?lumia 510 or lumia 610

  • Adonis

who created this expensive dificult fone???

  • R_Black

I know that's is a good phone for my personal use !!