Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625

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  • Manis

frnds 620 or 625 plz suggest ??

  • fdalbor

That is not true, 512mem devices are suppose to get 8.1. I know the 520/525 are so I would assume the 620/625 would also.

  • Anonymous

When will windows 8.1 be available for 625

  • AnonD-207553

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2014Windows phone 8.1 will not be available for 512mb ramapril joke!

  • Anonymous

Windows phone 8.1 will not be available for 512mb ram

  • Anonymous

Big screen ,good CPU , good gpu , and you cannot play shit cause of the 512mb ram handicap...USELESS device handicapped ON PURPOSE

  • ibrahim

Pls tell me frnz..wer i need downld official telegram store cannot found..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-149766, 27 Mar 2014Hy any one help me please....... why our L625 does not support ... moreBecause it have an ips lcd and it drains a lot of power

AnonD-247915, 26 Mar 2014Won't Nokia give us a options to switch Lumia 625 to Android. I ... moreNokia running Android system is available, name Nokia X, X+ and Nokia XL, but they are modified Android OS.

mido, 29 Mar 2014hey guys i might buy the 625 today but first i want to know does... moreHeavy games and good games are available for 1 GB RAM only. If you are game lover, go for Android.

  • mido

hey guys i might buy the 625 today but first i want to know does it havea rich game xperiece and does the xbox store contain good and heavy games?

  • Tapan

Chathu, 27 Mar 2014Which has the best camara? 625 or 720?Ofcourse Lumia 720 having the better camara compared with Lumia 625 due to mainly two reasons:

1. 720 having 6.7 MP while 625 having 5 MP

2. 720 having Carl Zeiss lens but 625 having ordinary.

Then after 625 also catches good pictures compared with Samsung!

  • Tapan

ASHISH, 27 Mar 2014Please launch nokia lumia 625 with dual sim , may you not know t... moreFor the dual SIM you have to wait for few months. WP8 doesn't support dual SIM. The upcoming update (may be on 8th April) WP8.1 Blue supports dual SIM and thereafter Nokia launching Lumia 630,635,930 having dual SIM facility!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-245052, 17 Mar 2014Its 'the worst' phone ever... performance wise, hardware hangups... moreMaybe you are not Used to the windows phone environment .the most stable phone operating system so far

  • Baggi

yonex, 23 Mar 2014 I would like to buy lumia 625..... is there any problem with th... moreI'm also going to buy it...if you bought it...say how's that best or not

  • pratik

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2014625 with no regretLumia720 is bter .720 jus lack big screen n 4g as compatible wth 625 expt dis 720is much better it hs clear blck disply best low lgt imaging ssupr senstiv screen hd front camera slim Luk. Go fr720 if u want prfrmance Bt if u lukin big screen go fr 625

  • tinku

Chathu, 27 Mar 2014Which has the best camara? 625 or 720?720 has d best pic clarity

  • AnonD-149766

Hy any one help me please.......
why our L625 does not support GLANCE...all other lumia handset support glance. I have the latest update Lumia Black..���&­#56866; Any one pls help me....

  • AnonD-248390

bujji, 25 Mar 2014which one is best to buy weather nokia 625 or samsung galaxy s d... moreBudd..i had a samsung gts7562 and i had a good tym using with it.. my bro recently purachsed 625 and its a fun loving handset too.. If you are a fun loving guy and more keen to personalisation , gaming.. u could choose android.. but Operating stability, document handling and other stuff could well set to windows OS... Android phone are more prone to Crash at certain stages, but could be handled with just a reset.. or a restart.. but lumia wont offer you that stabilility once things go wrong.. you may tend to get bored of the file managing abilities, customization schemes etc.. but lumia could help you with Internet browsing speeds, Battery Backup, screen readability, scratch resistant screen...
Samsung here has a clear price tag for these features.. Lumia might feel a overpriced on software features.. but has a Corning Gorilla 2..
Its totaally acording to your wish buddy.. Android means customisation, fun.. LUMIA means less fun but with more surprising features.. (i meant less fun in PERSONALISATION case) no offense to lumia loversss!!
Both of them are a nice handset to use
I reccomend 625 to u.. cuz i've used gt7562.. its kinda outdated os now.. the ics 4.0.4.. u wont get any more updates for this handset anymore...


  • Chathu

Which has the best camara? 625 or 720?