Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM

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  • aqueledohonda
  • LnN
  • 23 Jan 2021

pradeep, 01 Dec 2014just i purchased this one week back. This is really good sm... moreIts 2021 January and I'm using this Nokia still , I only wish I hadn't deleted viber and telegram and even worse updated in 2017 Skype ,who knows maybe I would still be able to log into it, I used 5 OS into it from china the Nokia logo changes to an orange WP logo but I think it was some kind of operator like the Indian one had cricket and not Nokia logo , I even used a UK version . The Chinese version had cool already built in app like face change and the one that iliked more in 2018 was the wechat app , since the store had already taken down that app by 2018 all using the program and the ffl image now since 2019 I'm using the Brazilian 2014 version cian and since this OS I had installed a few things and was still logged into Microsoft account some things still works like the weather app not the one from Microsoft , the maps still works with location, I even use the v-bike app to cycle, it's been a year since I didn't used it because my screen got broken for the second time. But now with a new screen I'm back .I've mDw a ton of recording using the Nokia as dashcam even used it a few times on the bumper to record low view streets , and here it is still working. Impossible to get virus or malwares and yet abandoned by Microsoft. They've created a very low price almost unkillable smart phone and had to kill it somehow ! , I wish I had the money to bought the Lumia that had 48 mega pixels of cam in 2014 , that would've been nice. But I can still use mine Nokia to listen to music using headphones and even though the2 SIM cards slots were harmed the Bluetooth and wifi works fine even the location as well . Thanks for letting me talk about my Nokia Lumia tv Brazilian version. Our Brazilian version has dtv SD channels all it's needed iaa headphone . So even well all the locations satellite and internet stuff dies I'll still be able to listen to fm radios dtv SD channels and use it as a dashcam on the car . I'll probably die before it does since the battery runs for hours still and for many days if I don't use the cam for too long. Just a question : Is there any way or place to download old apps for it still and install it? Because I've tried everything that I could using the program that replaced the ffl image file . And since the old Chinese jailbreak program doesn't work for years , I wonder if there is any person in the world that copied the apps files for someone to download it . Apps like wechat , health & .. Telegram , viber , I know that immo still works since I can still use it , but I wonder if anyone did copies of their own downloaded apps to a PC to save it for some one or something like it . Does anyone knows if there is such a thing in 2021 ?

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    • mouade
    • ftx
    • 16 Nov 2020

    how can i make my hiden apps back after i hide it all ! please

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      • ashi
      • v{u
      • 06 Oct 2020

      rupom, 10 Feb 2019I can't sign in my i can lpease anybody help meYes my 4n also,can't load store

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        • Vikas
        • uvI
        • 16 Jan 2020

        rupom, 10 Feb 2019I can't sign in my i can lpease anybody help meMicrosoft has closed store for Windows 8.1 device

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          • rupom
          • XR2
          • 10 Feb 2019

          I can't sign in my i can lpease anybody help me

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            • Anonymous
            • Cx9
            • 13 Jan 2018

            i can not download whatsapp media using cellular data

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              • Gale
              • Gft
              • 11 Oct 2017

              I need LCD touch pad for Nokia Lumia 630 LCD touch pad my phone screen is shattered Dual Sim

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                • Faizan Shah
                • Pxs
                • 10 Aug 2017

                AnonD-654457, 21 Mar 2017I have Windows Mobile Phone Lumia 630 dual SIM (RM 978), I ... moreIf u have any problem with driver,. Just connect to a network and connected the phone. U will get driver. and probably it is something with windows update and check for the auto updates.

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                  • AnonD-654457
                  • 8nD
                  • 21 Mar 2017

                  I have Windows Mobile Phone Lumia 630 dual SIM (RM 978), I am facing problem with driver as I am not able to transfer the files from mobile to PC which Windows 10 OS.
                  Please help me to resolve this....

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                    • Jess H
                    • mq4
                    • 01 Mar 2017

                    Bought this phone and within 3 months it had melted, I was told by the company I bought it from I would have to deal with Microsoft and they eventually told me I would have to contact B2X in India to get the matter resolved. B2X wanted me to pay £35 courier charge to return the phone, but eventually agreed to email me a prepaid label. This whole experience has been a nightmare and had left me without a phone for 3 months, until I bought an iphone. I would not buy a Microsoft windows phone ever again as It has now been 5 months since my phone melted and I am still messaging B2X in India to find out what's happening with my returned phone, its diabolical!

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                      • Sravan
                      • fC5
                      • 27 Jan 2017

                      I have been using this GEM for more than two years since 2014 Nov, till today no hang no problem. Fallen on ground more than 15 times, ofcourse with flip cover on it. This GEM rocks like anything.
                      Nokia, if you wanted to make please make such robust phones, and VFM. 3 Cheers to Nokia for making this. I feel to upgrade but stop upgrading by looking at the seamless performance of this phone. I feel upgrade to Windows phone only again. 3 Cheers to Microsoft.

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                        • Mufticar
                        • sxt
                        • 19 Jan 2017

                        Just got this phone last week and it is pretty good to use and like the other people said it is truly shock proof phone, wi-fi is good and the RAM also even ut is only 512mbs but its good, camera not so good need a flash to take a good pics and also lack of second camera, touch screen very responsive ... So all in all this nokia lumia 630 is a good phone but the price here in philippines not GOOD 😊.....

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                          • AnonD-435653
                          • bET
                          • 02 Dec 2016

                          AnonD-405312, 25 Mar 2016Using it since last two years. Not getting the zeal to chan... moreExactly!!!!.....The same feeling here.....Mine is on a cracked Screen and still runs like butter....I am planning to get it repaired....Such a lovely Phone!!!!!

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                            • deependra
                            • ygB
                            • 22 Nov 2016

                            i m using lumia 630 ds since may 2014. its awasome..many times,it has fallen bt i never fell anyf an fallen but i never fell any is best phone in every is really best brand in market..i am waiting for new launche nokia phone.

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                              • vichhai
                              • 69p
                              • 21 Oct 2016

                              Used 630 for 2 years, drop from pocket 30 time, drop from my car and tractor 10times, my child throw away 10 times, now it's broken a side, but the phone still work smooth touch better than iphone. The sound good. Bettery get 100% in 1:30 h only. And use for 2 days. The camra not good. No second camera
                              WiFi better than others. I'm waiting for new Nokia smart phone for 2017.

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                                • andy
                                • bEQ
                                • 21 Oct 2016

                                it is the best phone better than apple touch screen is ausum

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                                  • AnonD-596413
                                  • GQd
                                  • 13 Oct 2016

                                  SHANTHI PADMANABHAN, 15 Sep 2016second call waiting or indicating facility is available in ... morein this device available bro goto ---->settings------>network+--->set option

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • rKN
                                    • 07 Oct 2016

                                    I am using limia 630 single sim no many problem only wheating issue.

                                      daboo, 03 Jul 2016NOKIA 630 : how the automatic call recording setting is donIt is not an inbuilt feature. You need to download software and then run in background with automatic recording option.

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                                        • SHANTHI PADMANABHAN
                                        • KAc
                                        • 15 Sep 2016

                                        second call waiting or indicating facility is available in this model or not. if yes what is the procedure to setup.