Nokia Lumia 710 now shipping, 270 plus tax can make it yours

09 December, 2011

Nokia has just announced that it has started shipping its second Windows Phone Mango-running handset, the Lumia 710. The more affordable part of the Lumia duo is leaving the Nokia factories and is making its way to the stores as we speak.

Taiwan will be the first market to receive the Nokia Lumia 710, with sales of the WP smartphone in the Far East country starting today. Availability in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Russia will follow over the next seven days, while worldwide availability should come in the following few weeks.

Nokia Lumia 710 is expected to retail for 270 before local taxes and subsidies and will come in black and white color options for the front panel. As for the back, it's easily customizable in five different colors thanks to the interchangeable back covers (you'll need to purchase those separately, though).

So, if the Lumia 800 and its sophisticated non-painted unibody wasn't enough to convince you to join the Nokia WP bandwagon, maybe the Lumia 710 with its youthful appeal and more attractive price tag will do a better job of it.