Nokia Lumia 720 available in Russia, costs more than expected

12 April, 2013
The Nokia Lumia 720 is now available for eager buyers to purchase in Russia. However, the price won't be everyone's cup of tea at $485.

That's a hefty $150 more than what Nokia said the device would cost in Europe (249). That's to be expected, though, as mobile phones in Russia are notorious for being overpriced compared to those in western markets.

You can also get the Lumia 720 directly from Nokia's website, where the smartphone is currently up for pre-order. According WinPhoneLive, who has spoken to a Nokia store manager, you'll be contacted almost immediately after placing an order to setup payment and delivery details.

The Lumia 720 was announced in February, alongside the Lumia 520 at the MWC and is available in four colors: yellow, white, black and red.

Source (in Russian) | Via