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Nokia Lumia 820

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i'm using this phone since 2014 to now. and updated to Win Mobile 10. ( no official update just using 830 image. yeah working like a charm

KosmoRei, 13 Oct 2019Anyone know how to disable automatic TURN ON at charge? I don't ... moreunfortunately not any Lumia device can charge when offline mode.

  • KosmoRei

Anyone know how to disable automatic TURN ON at charge? I don't want it.

  • Kuusik100

Huh 8MP 1080p in 2012 is good... but in 2019its ok too, but update to WP 8.1.

  • Anonymous

Fatpant , 15 Aug 2019Does WhatApp function on Lumia 820 in 2019? Please I need an ans... morenope

  • AnonD-819322

Fatpant , 15 Aug 2019Does WhatApp function on Lumia 820 in 2019? Please I need an ans... moreYes, perfectly fine as long as you are updated to WP 8.1. However, Whatsapp will no longer work on Windows Phones on 31 December.

  • Fatpant

Does WhatApp function on Lumia 820 in 2019? Please I need an answer cos I want to buy this phone.

  • AnonD-819322

According to, this phone can heat up to around 47.8 Degrees Celsius under 100% CPU Load. You can get quite close to this when browsing (I browse a lot) using the stock IE11, 47.8 Degrees Celsius is uncomfortably hot. I tried this browser by, it's being advertised as a lightweight browser. I started using this and my 820 longer heats up excessively :)

  • AnonD-819322

I got this on 16 March 2019 for £20 in great condition, it was a bargain, honestly. I don't know why but I really wanted it. Currently using it as my secondary phone to my J7 Nxt.

Performance - 7.5/10
Battery - 4/10
Camera - 7/10
Design - 8/10
Screen Quality - 7/10
Build Quality - 9/10
Value - 10/10

Overall - 52.5/70 (75%)

This phone is decent as long as you can live with the relatively mediocre battery life when it comes to browsing, standby is good though. The 8MP camera is surprisingly good too :)
I recommend it.

  • Gener G

Got my Nokia Lumia 820 Developer Device as a gift for being one of the 2012 Nokia Champions in Asia. Its still working until now, just that the sim tray broke so I purchased a full motherboard (costs 1.1k Php) instead of just the sim tray (costs 170 Php). I just had to hard reset it coz its a second hand part and the previous owner's data still intact. I was surprised that it was in WP 8.0 so I had to upgrade it to 8.1. Then since Microsoft pulled the plug for WP 10 update on this lovely device, I just manually upgraded to WP 10 using offline update. Now I have it back as a backup phone. :)

  • AnonD-819322

PRIME, 05 Apr 2019Way better if it's 8.1Yeah, updated it, much better, retains its original speed.


AnonD-819322, 16 Mar 2019Just got it, cost me £20, also got a glass screen protecto... moreWay better if it's 8.1

  • AnonD-819322

Just got it, cost me £20, also got a glass screen protector for £2.95. Great performance, decent battery life (6-7hrs SOT) unlike the 4.5hrs stated by GSMArena. Best build quality I have seen in a phone, better than all the iPhones, the 160g feels great. Got this so I could relive the WP experience, never been updated still on its original WP 8.0 Firmware, no Amber or Black update. Worth it. It will be my tertiary phone.

  • AnonD-819322

Most underrated Windows Phone in my opinion. People picked the inferior (spec-wise) 720 to this.

  • AnonD-819322

I wanted a Nokia Lumia 820 (as a third phone) so my dad ordered it for me. It cost £20 and £2.95 for a tempered glass screen protector. It's also on its original WP 8.0 instead of 8.1. Should arrive in 1-3 days. I love the design, screen and weight of this phone. It's a bit of a beast, average length but a heavyweight, just like me but I'm losing weight as I play football everyday now. Originally cost £420 SIM-Free in the UK and I'm getting it for less than 5% of its original price. Here's the listing -­lack-EE-T-Mobile-Smartphone/362558417456?hash=it­em546a2a6a30:g:R8IAAOSwY8JcZsHp

  • AnonD-819322

Catherine the Great, 14 Jan 2019Barely anyone minded the 4.3" screen size back in 2012The perfect size for me. 4" to 4.5" is good for me but 4.3" is in the middle.

Barely anyone minded the 4.3" screen size back in 2012

  • Anonymous

Good morning please. I have always loved Nokia phones but Nokia lumia is a seriouse problem for my use.
My Nokia 820 does not accept the internet connection of my area. I have set up all necessary parameters for internet connection but to no avail.
How can I use a phone today without internet connection
Please assist me...

  • Noid

sruel, 28 Jun 2018Im texting on whatsapp today 28/06/2018, works fineMy Lumia 820 does not support whatsapp again either, as of February or so. And I've never been able to upgrade the OS. I'm from Trinidad tho so not sure if it's a network carrier issue (releasing the updates).

  • sruel

Mohamed , 01 Feb 2018Please be carefull. Whatapps dosn't works in Lumia 820 and all p... moreIm texting on whatsapp today 28/06/2018, works fine