Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

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  • Michael

Terrible user experience, in phone contact, when you tab on it it calls that person straight away without getting double confirm from user. I ended up calling that person multiple times in accident when I just wanted to view that person contact details. No wonder it operates so slow, it has only 1GB RAM. Youtube app keep on random crashing while watching video.

  • Justwannaknow

How do you factory reset nokia 920 on At&t

  • Hogman

LaczPro19, 27 Aug 2020Still using it today with the last Windows 10 Mobile update... moreIt aint much but it gets the work done.

  • Jazir

Microsoft account cant opening

  • LaczPro19

Still using it today with the last Windows 10 Mobile update. It's not the king of speed, but it still works for my To Do lists and OneNote. I can do Skype calls and use Bluetooth headphones (and wired ones obviously) to listen to music in what is left of Groove.

  • Bhavick

Used it for two years, loved the interface. Really sad that it didnt take off. Ultimately sold it off for 50 bucks. :'(

paco2x, 14 Jun 2020You can't use or install apps on the Lumia 920, there is no... moreSkype is discontinued on WP 8.1 and lower so it won't open anymore to sign in. Many apps are not supported anymore and can't be installed either. My Lumia 1020 has the same. You also won't get any app updates anymore and when you delete an app, chances are that you won't be able to download and install it again.

  • Anonymous

George Atta Sarpong , 26 May 2020Please friends, I cannot enter the App Store because the ph... morePleace your update lumia to win 10 via otcupdater, because wp 8.1 the end

George Atta Sarpong , 26 May 2020Please friends, I cannot enter the App Store because the ph... moreYou can't use or install apps on the Lumia 920, there is no support at all. It's a feature phone with a touch screen.

  • George Atta Sarpong

Please friends, I cannot enter the App Store because the phone’s reception is poor. And because of that, I cannot download any social media app. Even Skype and and facebook are installed but cannot open. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you

  • Anonymous

Using a 920 on ATT in 2020. Best phone ever. Been in a Trident case since 2013, so the phone is still like new. The picture quality is excellent. Shame the Windows Phone OS didn't take off. It's so much cleaner and easier to navigate than "I" and "A" operating systems. If you are having heating issues it's likely because the phone is having issues finding an LTE signal. To disable LTE and go to 4G/3G - do the following: Dial ##3282# Hit "Accept" This puts you into Field Test Mode. Then hit the three "..." in the lower right corner. A small settings text will appear. Tap "Settings". Under "Network Type", you can select Auto/4G/3G. Then back out of the menu with the left arrow.

Try 3G/4G if you are having battery life or heating issues. Automatic has always given me problems, but selecting 3G or 4G fixes the issue. If you reboot the phone, this setting will revert to Automatic.

I love this phone for many years !! I miss so much Windows phone

  • Anonymous

How do one open d casing to see d sim space and battery?

I only found out that this is the first ever smartphone to feature OIS on a smartphone camera. This goes to show that Nokia was really taking care of their mobile photography innovation very seriously indeed.

  • Anonymous

sturdiest phone ever. bought it in july 2013. accidentally dropped it a lot of times that the corners are cracked, but still works. would have continued using it if not for whatsapp no longer being supported on the phone

Most robust daily driver I ever bought.

The old windows phone store is now closed, so you can't install apps anymore.

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever design-wise, IMO. Nothing tops it.

  • Collins.m

justorlag, 13 Dec 2018If your Lumia 920 is running window 8.1 you can still use W... moreMy Lumia 920 it is getting hot every time am using it

Indeed, at least a great one! Incidentally found my old one the other day, started using it and instantly liked it (again :-) ).