Nokia Lumia 930 up for pre-order in the Netherlands for 500

29 June, 2014

The Nokia Lumia 930 was announced back in April but it's yet to launch in the Old continent. There are pre-orders in progress in multiple countries though, the latest to join the party is the Netherlands with the lowest price yet.

This one isn't from the Microsoft Store but from local retailer PDAshop. The Lumia 930 is priced 500 and is expected to ship on July 19.

The Windows Phone 8.1 flagship will be discounted on O2 Germany from its regular price of 580 (this is from both the Microsoft Store and Amazon). Still, O2 will be selling it at 520.

The Nokia Lumia 930 can be pre-ordered at 550 from Amazon France and Finnish retailer Verkkokauppa. The Italian Microsoft Store is asking the highest price, 600. This makes the Dutch price the cheapest in Europe yet.



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  • Mitish

agree with you

  • Anonymous

what are you talking about, Nokia does have a system file manager, its made by Microsoft called "files" free on the store. it lets you vies any file, and open app related to it if you want to look at it. you cant see any system files, but...

  • Lets go

I am anokia man through and through and bought the Lumia 820 and I would NOT give up on microSD expansion and removable battery The lumia 820 may be my first and only excursion using Windows OS in Nokia / microsoft do NOT getn their act togethe...