Nokia Mural

Nokia Mural

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  • Anonymous
  • t7r
  • 08 Aug 2021

if this was remade as an smartphone this will probably outsell the 1100.


    Everyone, YOU CAN'T GET THIS PHONE IN INDIA!!! This phone is exclusive to AT&T. And as such, it's only available in the United States. Please, look for a different phone.

      Is there an international version of this phone (that isn't exclusive to AT&T) ?

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        • Anonymous
        • aps
        • 24 Oct 2017

        THIS PHONE IS A DREAM COMES TRUE FOR ME! what a surprize...quality beauty professional finish ,ease of LOVE IT.

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          • AnonD-676582
          • 6Qm
          • 12 Jun 2017

          Wow Nice

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            • AnonD-584516
            • PTG
            • 13 Sep 2016

            hai i love this phone so much,i also find this phone at anywhere recently i saw ur website so i just find the mural handphone just i have found can i know the price for mural handphone....tq....:)

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              • Shan Butt
              • 6Q1
              • 09 Oct 2014

              He is very nice mobile i perches her

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                • Ungibbed
                • j@8
                • 28 Sep 2014

                This is one phone that I did truly enjoy having. I loved the metal body clamshell design and a very nice display for it's time. Combined with the once new 3G network on AT&T it had many features that were rather surprising. The color themes were a very interesting part of this phone and if left alone for a few moments, animated wallpaper showed on the color display and even some effects on the outer as well.

                Made as a budget minded phone, it felt so much more than that. Key presses were uniform and rockers as expected. The Downside to this phone is that it was made for such a limited market and often referred as a "chicks phone" but I disagree. Other downsides were the limited space and limited media features that would have been much better with WiFi but no such feature there...

                Texting was made for the masters of T9 or slower alpha numeric input which can be frustrating when you're getting spammed by a smartphone user. This is one phone I should have kept. Now impossible to find as I miss plain simplicity in a sea of smartphones and data plans. This was the last phone I carried until I got a BlackBerry Bold 9000. I miss good physical keyboards that are now given puzzling looks from most anyone these days in a world of iPhones and Android devices.

                Sometimes, you miss the simple things such as a basic phone that isn't targeted for the elderly. If you decided to go "retro", the Nokia Mural would turn more heads than a old Moto RAZR.

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                  • AnonD-182896
                  • m1W
                  • 02 Mar 2014

                  i love this phone the best phone ..exellent disegne and very (strong) phone

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                    • Kashif Qureshi
                    • KIR
                    • 14 Sep 2013

                    NAVO, 27 Apr 2013Where to buy this fon in pakistan....

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                      • NAVO
                      • KcP
                      • 27 Apr 2013

                      Where to buy this fon in pakistan....

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                        • Johny
                        • m5p
                        • 20 Feb 2013

                        mitsume, 05 Dec 2011is the quality of the camera good ? is it clear ? .. and ,... moreIt is a good phone and has a good battery but not the best camera... you can take pictures if you need to but they wont be the best quallity

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                          • fahad
                          • KIJ
                          • 12 Aug 2012

                          Anonymous, 29 Jun 2012I just bought one new on ebayat hw many rupees did u got it?
                          plzzz tell me

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                            • derrick
                            • Mfx
                            • 24 Jul 2012

                            where to buy in kenya?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 4P9
                              • 29 Jun 2012

                              soka, 22 Apr 2012how to buy,plz tell meI just bought one new on ebay

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                                • soka
                                • p4c
                                • 22 Apr 2012

                                how to buy,plz tell me

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                                  • Ashraf
                                  • YTE
                                  • 24 Feb 2012

                                  I want to buy this cell... buy how?

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                                    • mitsume
                                    • v0q
                                    • 05 Dec 2011

                                    is the quality of the camera good ? is it clear ? ..
                                    and , can i buy this in Philippines ?..
                                    please reply.

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                                      • mulayam
                                      • 2SE
                                      • 12 Sep 2011

                                      piz price

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                                        • Brijesh jaiswal
                                        • TL5
                                        • 10 Sep 2011

                                        Rizwan, 16 Aug 2011wats the pricePlease price