Nokia N1

Nokia N1

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  • Wei

Still working well in 2020!!!

  • Anonymous

SIM Card????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

"Nokia is finally back" when nokia play in tablets?

did play store available

  • Aliex

How to create account in Nokia No tab

  • AnonD-754294

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2017"It is better than iPad mini 2", they said. "Nokia is final... morei've dout does it has play strore ?

  • Anonymous

"It is better than iPad mini 2", they said. "Nokia is finally back", they said. Now look at this thing which didn't even get an update to 6.0, which has half of it being copied by the iPad, half of it being just cost-cutted compared to the iPad.

  • kobaltorg

Is this tablet ever going to be released in Europe? If not why is there no news or press release about it. There is so little information about that in the net. Is it even still sold in China?

  • hitesh

nokia n1 should be with gps sim card 4g 5g support

  • AnonD-667175

Great tablet. You should add that it's upgreadable to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

  • lol

Guys guys
Nokia Already come BACK!!!!!!!!!
Daddy is back
Bubye Samsung and other china brand phone

  • roopesha

Nokia n1

  • AnonD-634043

test comment

  • ramlaal

Gem of Water, 30 Dec 2016How much pls response I want to buy?????!!!!!;;;;;3 kille

  • Gem of Water

How much pls response I want to buy?????!!!!!;;;;;

  • Anonymous

Looks like an iPad w/ no home button

  • Raj

The Price of Nokia N1 is Little bit higher, Because it doesn't have Sim Slot, GPRS and other future's, so Price should be below 8 K only.

  • AnonD-557095

Does this tablet supports OTG??

  • AnonD-586734

AnonD-553467, 26 Jun 2016Couldn't agree more Ronnie, Nokia must go with Win10. I won... moreThat would mean apple, windows, android, etc. would have to make their OS publicly available. I'm sure android wouldn't mind, but apple and windows would probably refuse.

  • Rockger

Nokia N1 is better than most other tablets as it runs on android os many android lovers are using it....I'm waiting for the Nokia N2, which is a not a tab rather a phablet which has 6_inch display and runs both on Android os and windows 10...!!!!