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Nokia N70

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  • Anonymous

selvan, 28 Jun using n70...the battery cant even stay for 1 day?why i... morei m Having the same Problem !!!!!

  • Denis

I've used so many fone ever since fone came out but N70 is best and the last fone i'll used i jus luv it

  • Teddy

I recently bought a nokia N70, the keypads gets stuck when you type an sms it types alphas twice, you charge the battery everyday,sometimes you charge the battry full and switch the phone off when you put it on the battery will be empty.

  • tmd...

got a N70ME for 3yrs already.. still very good and durable... though its out of style but I can say its one of the best phone by nokia...

  • Mary

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970How much do you sell and how many years did you use it?

  • Mary

This is the best cellphone Nokia 70 and i would like to buy another one.How can i get one like this again?

  • Mary

I would like you to know guys that this is the very best cellphone i've ever had in my entire life and it is so easy to find things and notes.It is very reliable,very cool everything,....

  • jermaine

i find the n70 one of the best phone that nokia came out with i have mine for 2yrs

  • mac

well about N70 its good.guys i had the silver one. can i Use 2gb mmc or i just use 1gb mmc?

and guys i forgot my lock code. what shouldi do to restore the PC because i cant also use the restore factory settings of the phone.

.please post your comment.

thanks you


  • dazzledeen

its slooooooowwwwwww


  • Anonymous

when of the best ever mobile used in N series it got great design powerful looking

  • Anonymous

i hate this phone really i'll die soon because of it ..
i'll give you an advice people ... don't buy it ever never..
everyday want to charge sometimes it is battery full & still like that up to 3 days ... & sometimes it needs to charge up to 4 days or 5 ... & it stops while i'm listening to music ...

  • ricky

earl, 10 Jul 2009try to restore your phone it wount let me do anything

  • Galih

was very good .keypad, batt ,system ,i can do a hidden file .i had using it since 2006 .the prob is just the movement for gaming is to slow n viruses .the same prob for sym phone .hhe .

  • earl

try to restore your phone

  • ricky

ive put a sucurity code on my n70 and carnt remember it . is there an code to over write it or sumat plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • thembi

thembi, 09 Jul 2009i cant see received/dialled numbersstill waiting for an answer

  • thembi

Raj, 22 Aug 2007Iam not able to find dialled calls,missed calls and received cal... morei cant see received/dialled numbers

  • Zahid

I have this phone since 5 years now and I wanted it since it first came in the market. It is slow compared to phones of today but it is really modern even now. Got Internet, Bluetooth, 2MP camera, etc and good speakers. It has a great design and I really do not want to sell this and go for a new one. I wish Nokia upgrades this phone and keeps the same design.

  • mit'z

tunde, 25 Jun 2009pls my n70 no longer recognise sim cards. It says'invalid sim' a... morehi!i got N70 and i've been using it for 2-3 yrs now,no problem so far, as for u with "invalid sim" prompt,try to contact ur servc provider or try another sim on ur handset