Nokia N70

Nokia N70

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  • nav looking for a phone with good sound and cam this 1 of the better phones available in 10,000??or i have other good options??pls let me know

  • kumar

will start hanging for use more than 1 year. not supportinr GPRS

  • OPTUS prime @_@

what i hated about this phone is the keypad.. it's not text-friendly.. all the buttons are compressedtogether.. you cant text in any decent way especially if you have thick fingers.. i have slim type fingers nad im having difficulty getting into sms-mode with this phone.

that's all i hate about this,.. but everything aside from that is a winner hehe @_@

  • W.J

This is a very good phone and worth getting, the phone is very reliable and the battery life also isnt bad, I charge my phone once every 3 or 4 days, the internet service on the phone is quite fast and the camera quality is also good. The phone's software just have to be updated regularly - atleast once every second month but if this is done, the phone wont give any problems. The only downside is that the phone is quite bulky and might be difficult for some people to get use to. But I would definately recommend this phone.

  • venkat

It is a great trouble to search for a good mobile phone. The manufacturers do not give proper specification, even in their site. Let us have a standarfd format for giving specifications for a mobile phone.

1. It should be able to make calls / receive calls
2. should have good phone memory. (most of the manufacturers do not give this ion specifications) the larger the better. It doubles as digital diary.
3. Around 2 mp camera.
4. Expandable memory.

  • Venkat

Nokia N70 is not discontinued. It is relaunched with 3g features. S60-version 3. Now available at a good price of Rs.8700/- with sterio head set in addition to hads free.

  • aenimatsu

i had this phone for 2,5 yrs, used (or should i say abused) it on everyday basis (work/home). This device has survived dropping on the floor repeatedly, on glass / steel shards, concrete and on the ground from +2m of height. Durability of the display and the phone's shell is unremarkable. Good quality of sound and the camera (as for just 2mpx simply awesome, great niceability ;) of the quality of pictures, same about video, watchable quality as well (maybe xcept the sound)

overall 9,56 / 10,00

  • Anonymous

werdna, 25 Jun 2009robust indeed.i'hv dropped it a hundred times but still intact.u... morethis is the best looking n-series i agree

  • dinesh

please where avilable this mobile.and i want purchase this as early as possible.

  • benedict

its much better tha 6230 that i had but slower am planing to change to the one with a wlan and a better camera both side front and back but i dont know which 1 to choose

  • Anonymous

selvan, 28 Jun using n70...the battery cant even stay for 1 day?why i... morethats just how the battery life is in nokias. you probably be lucky enough to get 2 days light usage.

  • Glenn

Nokia N70 has great features and design. I am very much satisfied with its look and price. Planning to buy one soon. For more details on other cell phones refer

  • Anonymous

moka, 24 Jun 2009how can i open vidoes on youtube?Your Phone should have the VIDEO STREAMING SETTINGS from your service provider,just contact your service provider for the settings you need.

  • selvan using n70...the battery cant even stay for 1 day?why isit like this?i have changed the battery few times.could someone help me?

  • razin

harry, 27 Jun 2009guys n girls bakwas he yaar itna slow software me ne zndagi me u... moreEnglish man, english!!

  • harry

guys n girls bakwas he yaar itna slow software me ne zndagi me use nahi kiya

  • AnoNyMouS

Since when this phone been discontinued?

  • HMT

dazzle_mps, 26 Jun 2009hi ya ppl wot is the biggest memory the n70 can hold i got n70 a... moreSorry dude..n70 will not support 8gb memory will only support max 2gb..

  • dazzle_mps

hi ya ppl wot is the biggest memory the n70 can hold i got n70 a couple weeks ago gr8 phone i have n82 aswell bt nothing but bother with it 1st i had blutooth probs now i have keypad probs and i ave 8gb for that can n70 work with 8gb? could sum1 get back to me thanks

  • longa langa

The NOKIA N70 is a very perfect phone, I'am satisfied having using this type of a phone it does'nt give me any problem, I hav been using it 4 5 yrs nw and I am happy with it. THANKS!!!