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Nokia N70

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  • shysy

nice phone,,, its cool...

  • shysy

this phone is great!!! I really love it... nice features, the music is very great and also the camera and the video,, so if u want to buy nokia phone, i suggest to buy the nokia N70 music edition coz its the best phone...

  • Eldog

n7o music edition is a ice phone but why is it called music edition when it cant pay wma music format

  • bukharee

does this fone doeloads email attachemnts,like word,excel and pdf files?

  • RG

Sorry for wrong spelling hehehe. I had n70 for 2years now. Still many new apps and games pop up for this phone. I got even Fifa 2009 and Asphalt 3 and Many Ngage games for it at nice graphics and speed. Ive seen K800 and tried using it. Its faster in opening menus, messaging, and other stuff. While n70 loads like a PC when opening menus and other stuff. Camera is 3.2mp while n70 has 2.0mp. N70 has a beautiful apperance comapared to k800. Both of them are good quality phones. If your a photographer and music lover go for k800 cuz it has Memory Stick Micro (M2) 2gb or more. while n70 also good for photos, music and max dv-rsmmc 2gb . n70 advantage it is built in symbian os thats why it has lots of application. (.sis)

  • RG

I you like symbian go for n70 cuz it has lots of themes, symbian apps ang games for it. Try got to If u prefer Java go for sony ericcson k800. K800 may be faster but N70 is the better cuz many stuff u can install in it.

  • saro...mtius

hi every1.. i wanna know if dis mob relly works slow and if its memory is expandable to 4gb... thx in advance......

  • Alastair

this phone is great... although it is kinda slow. but got the phone update. it was little faster. the 3D is not quite good. but yea.. overall a very great phone to use

(n70 Music Edition)

  • Anonymous

Saral, 31 May 2008Buy this..No tension.........thank u friend for giving your opinion

  • kAt

best cellular phone so far! very user friendly!

  • Anonymous

Thank you,Forhan,you've been most helpful !
Found out the firmware wasn't that old,I have 5.0638.3.0.1.,so it works kinda slow...because that's how it works :D .
I can't wait to se it perform when i'll put a 1 gb card in it,i can't wait for those thrills !
Have a good one!

  • Anonymous

Excellent phone. I am using it for all it can be used. A bit old but it does anything on communication: edge, gprs, bluetooth, link with computer. I even used as wap modem via bluetooth, as free of charge mobile internet.

  • Forhan

N70 is the universal fighter.
It was alroundr 4da tym whn it came.
To check softwar versn,press *#0000#
whn upgradng phn,ur phn data includng msg,cntcts wil b dltd.
Some points i wan2mention 4 those who r thnkng of buyng dis cell:
1.It is nt da latest model nw.It ws announcd on 05.
2.2mp camra wit flash works well.Bt no autofocus featr spoils it.
3.It provids many featrs.So set is v slw.Specialy ME.
4.Usng 1gb evn oftn bcms imposbl.2gb is out of questn!
5.Bluetooth works fyn.Bt cmparng wit new v2.0 ,it is nuthng.
6.Display is 256k color.176*208 resolutn spoils it.
7.Stereo spkr dat produces unsatisfactory output.
Finaly,i lyk n70 v much.This is the true fighter.Bt we sud kp in mind dat tym is goin on &technology is chngng v quikly.We sud appreciate new ones.
Thnks 2 u all.Hav a nyc lyf.


N70 is the king of mobilez if you need software go to it give value to our money

  • Mr.Farid

nikhil, 29 May 2008can anyone tell me please how is this phone(n70) because with in... moreThis is very nice phone,specially web browsing.Really nice experience using internet by Nokia n70.But one disqualification is,this phone is very slow.Other than this,everything is fine.

  • Rian

Hy there!
I had this phone for a week now,it's real nice,but it kinda works slow...i understand this might be cause of the firmware-how can i find out what version do i have (i looked back for the keys i have to push back 10 pages,but ouldn't find i anymore)?
If i go to to upgrade to the latest version,will everything in my phone go blank,will my contacts,settings,music be deleted?
If so,if i go to "make backup copy" in the pc suite,will this application copy everything in my computer,so i can recopy after upgrading?
Thank you very much,your help is greatly apreciated!

  • saad

i like it

  • kelvin

A very nice phone but becomes awfully slow once you have ur files on the MMC.

  • bobo

I have Nokia N70 black(Music Edition)..and it's can do many things in software.look in youtube and see the modifications you can make

  • Anonymous

nikhil, 29 May 2008can anyone tell me please how is this phone(n70) because with in... morehi ,frd
i am also buyig this mobile after two three day s cna u tell me the same to me ..hahhaha