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Nokia N70

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  • Anonymous

its nice but i had a small problem with this phone can any one tell the solution for it. My mobile gets switched off even if the battery is full. Its normally gets switched off in the nights when I dont use it. Can any one help me out. please mail me the solution.

  • visor619

@ ian
yes the virus might infect ur fone.. it might enter ur fone through the files u transfer n then affect the system files.. therefore dont do so to keep ur fone safe

  • visor619

@ mystery guy
the fone is gr8 n ive bin using it for almost an year now.. the sound and camera quality havent changed yet.. n as for fone hanging, its probably because of the loads of crap symbian applications u installed on to the fone. the fone is not to blame, its the user who shud be blamed.

  • visor619

@ rico
ur problem cud b due to 2 reasons..
first, ur inbox memory,ie the phone memory is ful.wen receiving files via bluetooth,inbox memory is used. try changing ur msg memory 2 card by messaging>options>settings>other>memory in use>memory card.
second, uve already put in a lot of songs.. the fone reserves seperate parts of the card memory for seperate purposes like songs,videos,etc.. although the mmc has enough space, the fone doesnt allow u to transfer more than a specific amount of music.. this is done to make the fone work fast. So first delete some old songs n then try again

  • visor619

@ ghioane007
the fone does not support GPS. u hav to download a 3rd party app for dat

  • visor619

@ waqas

the current version is v 5.0705.3.0.1
u can download it for free from nokia site..its approx 15 mb..heres the link..

  • yuri

hello thre just got this phone and it rocks my world! the sound is very clear as well as picture and the flash is very good... guys please just help me to maximize this phone. such as apps, etc. please e mail me or text me 0922-8148913..
0922-8148913... thanks po!

  • jainal

my n70 has experience problem in incoming call busy tone will heared and there will be pop ups "telephone:memory full please lose and try again. can i ask for help somebody knows about this problem thanks in advace.

  • ubaid

great phone. can do lots. but i want to use my mailbox, and i need to know what is the incoming and outgoing server. can help?

  • davian75

I had the N70 for two years now. It works perfectly, good pics and mp3 reader, ok with 2GB card, works great with remote gps antenna and tom tom. Small keyboard and there are better screen arounds (16M colours) but overall great. Going to change in one year with N82 (5mpxl, integrated gps, xeon flash, good screen) otherwise i would not go for other mobiles, it is not worth

  • venkatesh

i have NOKIA N70 music edition
the performance is very good...... sound quality is also good........

  • Ian

If you have a virus in your PC and you pluged in your cellphone N70, will the virus infect the cellphone?

  • Anonymous

this phone is a nightmare.. at first its very beautiful.. the camera is clear.. the sounds is good.. the memory is big.. but after a while.. all of this will change.. the camera will be blured.. this phone always hang..:| i prefer SE..:))

  • rico

can anyone help me load music to my phone. i tried using the bluetooth but kept telling me the player has low memory.

  • rico

can anyone help me load music to my phone. i tried using the bluetooth but kept telling me the player has low memory.

  • olabanji gbenga

its a very nice phone it has all you need in a phone.

  • Jonathan

Iv had this phone for a while now. Loaded the n70 Music Edition firmware on it and its awesome. Only problem is the terrible sound quality!

  • ghioane007

this phone supports GPS but i don-t know how to make it work...i downloaded nokia maps but it needs to download aditional software...please help

  • Waqas

Can anyone tell me about the frimware whats the latest.My frimware is v 3.0546.2.3 and from where can i download it for free no money

  • mari

a friend bought me this phone and i dont like it.
- its too heavy for my liking
- it can be too slow, especially when opening the gallery
- The battery is TERRIBLE. doesnt last long
- typing is not easy with that small keypad, yet tha phone is BIG
- Its not a lady-like phone for me. ladies, this is a MALE phone, seriously

The positive thind about about this phone that i find is:

-picture quality is good