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  • rockstar :)

im planning to buy this handset but i'm curious ..and making my mind so confuse,, can you please help me,, what handset is more suitable to buy,,, a nokia 5300 or a N70??? ,,and if you apply a 2gig memory in n70?? will it affect its performance??? i heard some rumors that to much memory in n70 affects the way it will perform...

thank you

  • rockstar :)

is this phone accomodate 2gig memory?? ,, and when you apply 2gig will it affect or slow the phones performance?? kindly answer my questions thats it thank you.....

  • kafi

A great phone i ever used.But, there is a prob with my phone, it works so slowly after i had upgraded my anti-virus software.How can i overcome the prob? Would anyone suggest me?

  • vicky

I am using N70 for 6 months now n i am pretty happy with it..Now i wan2 buy a memory card, can any1 tell me how compatible is a 2GB card n does it affect the performance..I have heard the cell goes slow n it hangs frequently with 2gb card,is it true??Which is the best suited MMC companywise??

  • Sunny

When i receive or dial-out a call, the volumeof the ear piece remains very low. I have trie increasing it by pressing right naogation key. It did not help however if the speaker is on, it works fine.
Can someone provide a tweak or steps to follow.

  • mustafa

This is a good mobile.but not infared. its a gret mobile.

  • Vlatko

A brilliant phone, simpli the best, it's camera is more than SuperB, it's Stereo System sounds fantastic. It's Design is the best nokia has ever made! Deffinitly there aren't bad things. Nokia N70 The Best!

  • Ahmed

I am free to talk.... Has anyone experienced the diff between N70 normal and music edition

  • Topay Wala

Hi all,
The image quality of N70(simple and ME both)is not good in low light, it becomes very dark, For good still images SE is fantastic

  • Snugglepuss41

Hi i am new to this forum i am thinking of buying a Nokia N70 and i would like to know when you send a text does this phone have animations to use on your texts???

  • nokia_girl

but i need a bar phone not a stylish 1

  • sourav

this mobile is just unbelivable its looks are very cool .it is the collest multimedia device with a 2mp camera and it has a very good sound quality.its the best mobile i have ever handled.

  • coolbuddy

hey guys... has anyone heard of this nokia battery thing lately.. they say if ur battery is bl-5c its dangerous to charge could xplode anytime while charging... 100 such cases of over heatin n all with the bl 5c have been already reported... the nokia dealer will replace the battery for free if its bl 5c... on they have this special column for the battery ..

  • coolbuddy


connect ur handset to the comp... open the nokia software ... u will c an option called 'install applications' on the left side watever themes or softwares u have installed onto ur fone will appear... click on the software wich is buggin u n delete it... juss abv the small the space wer all ur games n themes appear there will be few options... theres an option 'delete' .. juss try if this works or if it doesnt contact ur dealer...if u want any softwares for ur fone ... theres a site called for the fone i suggest u dont dwnload stuff frm anywer else..

  • rajani

hi friends can i change the font size in nokia n 70 as iam getting bored to see the same fonts regularly if u got any software pls send to my mail id

  • elena787

it's a very special phone to me... i love the design,even though i am a girl...his functions are enough to me... i wouldn't change it....

  • chacha

@Nokia girl: i suggest u go for nokia 3250. it is awesome and cheap also. u wont regret.

  • nokia_girl

can anyone tell me that is there a handset with good stereo sound and symbian based handset and moveable themes and good camera and price is not so expensive and in bar shaped tell me soon plz

  • P.R.Banerjee

Last day i purchased Nokia N70 M, i just installed the mobile security which is with this mobile. After installing mobile is not working.. even keyboard is locked.... finally i reset the battery. After restarting the problem remians the same. How can i unstall the application or tell me any other key combination while starting so that keyboard will not hanged.... i m m now in tension pls help me as earliest as possible

  • sweet nichole08

hi everyone pls help me im having problem with my nokia n70, im just curious is there any way to save numbers directly to the sim or phone without saving on it? coz i have a friend who has a lot of numbers so everytime she txt me i just memomirize her number but i wonder when i check my phone book it store there but its (unnamed plus her number is this possible?)) tnx pls help me