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oh no!! 2day i hav dropd my n70me 4m my hand.i was wasing my phn 4 only 2 months.its quit nw 2 spots on my phn.i m very upset 2day.i cant tolarate those there is nothing 2 do.

  • F. Pandit

My phone is so slow, what can be done to speed up use of this phone.

  • KTHubbybunch

A slowpoke phone thats full of problems i should say. why give an 8 ?! i'll give this a 6/10.
Nseries are headache phones. not to mention n95.

  • Govind Soni

I am using nokia N70 it is overall good phone. in comparison to soni erricson it has better backup and large screen.sound quality is better coz in soni erricson u have to dip the earphone inside ear n in nokia'earphone provide same just putting earphone to the ear.but it is heavy in comparison to motorolla.overall nice phone.

  • Sage

Can anyone tell me or know of, how I can activate to receive MMS's. Being a business phone, I need approval for this, but its not work related, so I believe there is a back door entry to allowing this barring feature. Any codes you can type in to activate? Much appreciated for your feedback

  • Anonymous

the phone itself is top dollar , be sure to have antivirus on it as it will keep performance no1

  • Anonymous

is the N70 music edition like the regular N70 i mean is it slow like u guys say??? plz i want someone to respond back as soon as possible before i get it

  • Yasir

Guys n Gurus My N70 has only 1 problem , as i change a ringtone from profiles and put a mp3 song in rintone place , it shows that it has been changed but sumtimes it rings the default nokia ringtone , n when it happens the problem persists for 2 or three days ! n suddenly every thing changes to as per my settings. Help please ... n pls tell hoe to chek my firm ware and how can i update it ! .........

  • Anonymous

i am usin usin it fr the past 5 months...n my fone s dead slow...checkin my firmware editions n antivirus willl help my fone to b fast gets hanged often usin a 1 gb card...sum1 plz help me...

  • Ntsoaki

I love this phone, but it's very slow, a bit complicated and the battery doesn't last that long. I know of atleast 6 people who are complaining about the N-series' batteries and that is a course for concern. Just hope Nokia's doing something about it.

  • ankur

i am using the nokia N70 and this phone creating so many problems to me. it's not a good phone. it has hanging problem too.

  • 70n

is the radio stereo or mono?

  • dustin

hei guyz, just want 2 ask if expanding my phone memory will give an advantage in using the phone...will it lag or wat?

tnx... =D

  • franco

i'm using the n70 version 5.0638.3.0.1, i would like to know if there's a latest one or the version in n70 music edition avaible on the web?????????????

  • Lucius

4the guy with problem about conecting pc suite.The most simple solution 4u its to forget about the pc sincronization and buy yourself a bluetooth dongle(10euros) and u will send and recieve with no problems everithing u want.

  • andi

not good at all.i installed the pc suite and connected the device and it worked but the second time i connected the phone it made the usb connected noise but the pc suite said not connected.i tried turining it on and off but it still did not i dont know what to do.i tried re installing the pc suite and cable drivers but the same thing happened again.any sloutions?

  • Moataz Shams

Good cell phone , and it has full options

  • danish

can any one plz plz tell me about the differnce in sound quality of the n70 and the n70 music edition

  • Sharp,bangladesh,015

Yo dudez,hope yo found ma earlier posts useful ....
If u want a combination of look n aristocracy n70 is a must have,thats a lil irritating even tho that these symbians r far slower than the javar

  • Raj Singh

If u will given 2 megapixel camra & good sound with 7610.then its really very great for us.if u can do so ,pls confirm me.