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Nokia N70

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  • Siddharth Shekhar

well i would like to know which of the two, N70 or the SE 810i has a better sound quality?

  • JC

in my N70 that i bought 6 months ago, i can say that this phones was very slow in whn it comes in opening some applications. the trick for speeding up your phones reaction... is by getting rid off all the anti virus that was installed in ur phone...
just make sure that you are a secured handler when it comes with your phones security

  • HImanshu

Hey frnds!! I m gng to buy a phone this week..and i wld like to ask a few questions as thr r 2 phones i m confused in....

1) W810i
2) N70 Music Edition

1) Can we connect external PC speakers to the walkman phone as we can in N70.
2) Does N70 really has a bad hanging problem??
3)does the lens in W810 gets damaged due 2 absence of Lens cover??
4)Can u plz tell me the battery life of W810i.
5) Video and photo quality is better in whch of the above 2..

People who have knowledge plz plz share...I m in great confusion..

  • Kareem

Hello Guys ,
iam using Nokia n70 Music edition for about 4 months , its really nice but it has some problems , it opens the pics so slowly you must wait to get it clear , the Mp3 player has no equalizer thats a big problem , but anyway i think its nice playing and it has nice sound clarity , and the second problem its the battery , its so weak , but anyway and generaly its so nice phone , Get it :)

  • hemant nepal

i just N70 music edition today, it is graet phone with 1GB memory and everything what we want. before i was samsung D820 which is rubbish mobile...

  • angie

I just bought n70 music edition today. First, i'm kinda confused what to choose between the n70, n73, or n91 music edition. But considering the other two has been infamous for lagging and hangs all the time, i decided to buy the n70.
The speaker is SURELY LOUD, believe me. But i still think SE has the better one in music department in sound clarity etc.

  • roopa

hello...yes!!!i hv already purchased dis hndset nd yet 2 nw im regrettin so as 12 y i bought tat aftr readin every1's opinion...dey say it hs a low battry bac up nd sum say it s very slow....
can any1 reaaly help me abt dis...plz......

  • Lex

does anyone has this problem? the screen goes fuzzy/blank like a bad reception tv? mine seem to be having this prob after a year.. I didnt drop it or let it exposed to i suspect its an internal problem

  • jradki

I m using this phone for past 1 week. It is no better than SE k750i. The mp3 player is sucking and no equalizer presets present and the player stops when incoming call or message comes. Dirty brick, this nonsense is.

  • anuj

great phone ... easy to use ...u get all what you want .. all in one mobile in a cheaper and affordable price ... go for it !

  • Anonymous


  • cookie

I am getting this phone just because there is this power thing that its only for men. ladies, if you wanna assert yourselves and show those that you cant be trampled over, this phone will definately help you do that. and its cute!

  • aeo


nokia n70 is the best phone as compared with many other higher models now adays..


-alot of 3rd application are scattered on the net.. what else could you ask for
-it also has everything u need that you could see on other models like fm radio camera video office applications.. etc
-no other important modifications has been done to the newer models...

so i could say that this phone is the best phone NOKIA had ever produced.

that's all bow!!!

  • jojo

Does anyone here successfully transferred application files(eg. .sis, .jar) from N70 to other phone via bluetooth or MMS? Can you share it? I tried renaming the file from .sis or .jar to .txt but when opened to the other phone, it doen't install but opens as a text file.

  • Riaz

Hey i got the nokia n70 its great doesnt give me any problems it has all the features and i also got a 1 gig memory card in it to so my advice to you is go get the nokia n70 you wont go wrong...!!!...Thank you...!!!

  • rizwan

I have nokia n70 its keypad is verygood and working very smoothly but the gallery option is open very slow and the front camera result is very very bad and its battery go down very quikly. This set is not for those who use their set mostly

  • jawz

also planning on getting the n70 me.. any1 has opinions on that???

  • brar

i think its a cool phone with all major functions , but its old dat is why people are neglecting this phone.otherwise its an definately male phone.

  • aeo

Nokia N70 is a very cheap mobile phone nowadays... its price had dropped off and it s extremely affordable... from US$600 its now about US$220... now i have one hahaha and i am so proud of myself that I did not buy this phone when it was first launched... I just waited for about 2 years and now I bought it in its very cheap price...

  • Anshul

well i m planning to buy nokia n70 music phone is it really typical nokia slow phone or good music phone and sony erricsons W series will be better or thine new n70. i have watch this phone seems to be ok the looks are quite good. PLZ reply soon