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Nokia N70

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  • anush

i want to buy the N70 phone so n70 types is there one is music edition another one is normal. so ho can i identify music edition or not??

  • fedex

this is the best phone in the N series edition.. u all complaining bcoz i think u all got the AP set... just bought a zitron set and u wont get pissed off~!

  • Anonymous

who are compleining about the n70 battery life i sugest to switch in gsm mode from dual mode and see if comes a change.

  • shahjee


Can someone help me, can i use flash in N70 as FLASH LIGHT as i use in SONY ERISCSSON mobiles? like a torch?

please help & reply soon i am making my mind to buy N70 MUSIC EDITION. please reply me on

  • Nikki

what's the big deal in thinner-pin chargers lol there's more hell of a crap elsewhere to think bout!!! go back to school freakie azz!!

  • malhansachit


hi guys nokia n70 uses a thinner pin variety of charger
initially it pissed me off as everyone here in india seems to use nokia with thicker pin variety charger..
but later on i discovered why nokia did it..
after a couple of full charging and discharging cycles it will charge n70me in less than one and half hour..
all other phones in my house takes more than 2hrs to charge..

that is story of new charger which pised me initially but now it seems so wonderful..

  • goodguy23

HOW many hours to full charge the battery of N70ME.. chat charger do you used?

  • delzky

N70 uses RS DV MMCC not SD nor Micro SD

  • cruz

Did Any one know how is the N70 black (Music Edition)? Good? or also same with the other N7o Always hang?

  • Rachma

I ve got gift from brother Nokia N70, unfortunatelly since i open the box the mobile can't be operate... whats going on .... you know the IC tavo inside mobile is empty... becarefull man

  • Anonymous

The worst Nokia foneI ever used.I bought it on Friday morning and sold it the next day!! What a waste of money! Takes up to 2 mins to open up contacts!Very slow na really pathetic fone!

  • Anonymous

need good suggestion re my n70. My phone got virus during downloading from my PC.
,,keypad and other function just hang up.

  • Anonymous

hi guys,

i just bought N70 last week end, pls tell me that is this phone to be switched off at night time while i am not in use or, i should keep it on to make it working well & problem free.


Here is your suggestion

remove all parts of your phone,put in water,wash will get good battery life.break camera then there will be no camera problem.break your battery and charger ,there will be no battery backup problem.sell your phone then there will be no problem in your life.

  • Anonymous

does anyone know if it is possibale or some way that i can use two sim cards on my n 70 simultaniously

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know why if i have the n70 and put a contract sim in it i can't send or receive multimedia messages?

  • Imran

I just bought the N70 phone it has cool features. The MP4 video has good quqlity when played in pc but the audio has problem and has lotof noise. Is this a fault or what? Anyone there who could Guide...thanks

  • Anonymous

this phone always hang and the battery is weak

  • Imran

Hello all, This is a wonderful phone I previously had i-mate jam but the picture quality flash and full size mp4 video convinced me to buy n70.......but there is a problem in audio of mp4 when played in pc. thes sound comes with jerks. Anyone can suggest how to solve this problem.....? I shall be thankful.

  • Atif M. Malik

More expectations with N70 but it made me disappointed.

  • sam

This phone is a so lousy!always hang and slow.Diffcult to use and is heavy.battery can only last 2 to 3 days.This is the next generation phone?better not.One good thing is that it's expansive and look like one!