Nokia N70

Nokia N70

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  • Atif M. Malik

More expectations with N70 but it made me disappointed.

  • sam

This phone is a so lousy!always hang and slow.Diffcult to use and is heavy.battery can only last 2 to 3 days.This is the next generation phone?better not.One good thing is that it's expansive and look like one!

  • Chandru

Pl clarify if N70 is compatible to MiniSD and MicroSD cards.

  • jjjjjjj

N70 is so nice can i have one????hehehhe..

  • jimmy

hi guys,

i just bought N70 last week end, pls tell me that is this phone to be switched off at night time while i am not in use or, i should keep it on to make it working well & problem free.


  • Blu

@ sum1 who asks

Yep, i have been using my N70 celfon here in canada for 6 months now. It works fine, plus i am saving a lot with Pre Pai of ROGERs Canada.

There you go.

  • WAWA

HI,so I've got a problem.I have forgotten my security Guard? What could I do,plz!

  • Haseeb

ive got this phone

  • dane

upgraded from 6670 > the best phone by far,video,sound,speed all ok.

  • Chandru

Its one of the best mobiles to buy among the N series and Cost effective also.

  • ical

to : jojo and wendi

if u want bible sofware check this web.

  • h


  • Anonymous

Does this phone support ngage games
(rar,tar,zip) files.

  • Robi

ít is a great mob. but my dad wont give it to my. I will steal thet phone from him its great one

  • jet

I got an N70 last summer of 2006 but it was manufactured last november of 2005. A few months after, i decided to buy a 1G memory card for my N70 since I'm the type of person who enjoys having songs and loads of pictures and videos as remembrance. Anyways, my problem is that everytime i try to play my videos, it always hang up. It also requires quiet a long time for me to open a newly recorded video or pic taken. I don't why I'm experiencing this but I've been very careful with my N70.

  • josephine

how can i use my screen saver into my phone n70, please help me

  • azora

does anyone knows how many phone contacts can be stored on this phone?

  • goodguy23

to those who have a problem about full memory..

keep your phone memory free as much as posible... save files to your MMC will help you not to encounter this problem again.. download this application to your phone so that all msg you recieved will directly save to your MMC (MsEDrive).. you will find it at, or

good luck and have a nice day...

  • goodguy23


to those who want to make their own screen saver or themes or skin.. visit this site and make your own skin..
regestration is free.. good luck guys...

  • goodguy23


if you have a problem regarding transfering application via bluetooth..

this trick might help you..

1. download the FExplorer or any explorer to your phone..
2. open your explorer (ex. FExplorer), select the application you want to transfer..
3. change the extention of the file from .jar or .sis to .txt
4. you may now able to send the application via bluetooth to another device..

hope you will like it..