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Nokia N70

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  • N70me owner

Damn cool phone.i have the n70 me.everything is cool.but the screen size should have been bigger.if you want softwares for the nokia n70 just mail me at have some site names.etc.

  • Shahab

Yes.... N70 is not a fast cell phone but it's not gonna bother you at all it's a fantastic and wonderful cell phone in everything else.

  • Sunehri

I wanted get dis hp but wata pity itz now in old catagory..wata sad ting.

  • nabuan

hi just wanna know ab the sound quality of the phone since im ganna buy 1 very s texting ?is it easy with this phone?thanx

  • Anonymous

to ezeobi,

try to install f-secure anti-virus... it has 30-day trial... it might work to your phone... make sure to install the right version for your phone...

  • aditya

@ezeobi...?Install anti commwarrior software removes vr virus..keep vr bluetooth switched off when not in use

  • sachit


hi frend
no need to worry
it is much more faster than my old sek750i
camera too

we over here have observed to get symanted deleted thru manager
it will be very fast
beleive me
i have just bought it and it is fab
pic are faster
quality--good enough to get 4x6 prints out..

  • Muthu

I am going 2 buy this mobile N70 ME this week end .I heard the music its cool.I would like know is it work very slow and is there any prob in there any other prob ur facing plz let me Know .But I like this mobile.Ur suggestions plz.

  • sachit

hi guys

VERY imp news for those who want to get their photos printed

go to
for india only (as per my knowledge)

prints are good they charge 4.5rs per pic 4x6inch size and 30rs delivery charges upto first 50 prints

other guys can send free pics all over the world thru

hope it was useful

  • ezeobi

its a high quality phone but how do you solve the problem of virus because my nokia N70 is infected by COOMWARRIOR virus and how do i install anti-virus in my phone.Please i need the information now.Send through my e-mail address.Thanks.

  • gajanan

dear friends
pls tell about n-70 .the address of the shop from with i can
download the songs,themes.wallpaper.
and print the photos.thanks

  • mio

Any possibility that the Nokia 6230 features is made available into N70 ? One big problem of the so called smart phone is difficulty to sms reply if somebody is asking for friend phone number that available in contact

  • sachit

right i just love this set
this is a set i will keep for a time more than my older sts ie more than atlest 10mnths

just wished i could save my sets for atleast 3yrs lik my wife do
she just got k790i
it is a good set too
wish my mobile too had camera of that clarity

but she cant operate many softwares which i can

may ie the world
u cant get AIO phone in ur hands


  • Anonymous

i've lately bought this mobile phone and it's absolutely fantastic ... it is much more of a phone but like a PDA .. the symbian OS makes it incredible :) themes wallpapers, games and backups ans synchronisation of data ... it is the perfect piece of technology

  • Mohammed

thankssss Leianne but i need more website plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Belal

Dear Friends,

Pls tell me should i buy N70 ME Phone or if not why? Any speed problem in N70 ME
do suggest me if not N70 which one i should buy?

  • Jhunjhie

I booth 2 of this phone i really appreciated the performance of this phone my wife use it anytime she want, but there was a time my wife riding a motorcycle it happen that his phone fall in the street,vehicle passing by thru and thru but only the cover were lightly scrach phone still functional normaly. thanks to n70 phone i can still contact my again & again

  • Neshaa..

hi. I have recently bought this piece. it's good but the screen flickers when a song plays on the phone. Do you know why it is happening so?
Next, can someone send me the link to install the SMS accelerator for this fone..

  • Leianne

You can download games, softwares, themes and many more from

Can anyone tell me how to replace or change the housing of a Nokia N70?