Nokia N70

Nokia N70

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  • Golo Girl

my dad has this fone and let me tell u something it ROCKSS!!!

If u r thinking of getting,
go get it as in yesterday

If you need advise on phones just e-mail me


Enjpy you day

  • ali

hi pless tile me know my phone is offline iwant to online mod in front of and he write some setting are compulsory and must be defined for server to work delete server and he tel inset sim card but sim card alrady in side
thanks pless tell me obut this probalm

  • asif

sir ihave nokia (n70) but ihave some probalm myphone is aoffline ples help me send me online parsegar

  • Sam

Hi.. I wonder if there is any software that I can download or install to my N70 phone so that I can change the font size appear on screen to be bigger..

  • joe

how to set the vibration alert???
tried all kinds of ways but still cannot..
wats the correct method????


this camera is not better then from's zoom is so ugly

  • frank

nokia n70 is a great phone for me because it is perfect!! it has everything.. radio,camera,vibration,3g and many more....

  • N70

hello can anyone pne please tell me the exact location to diwnload the default n70 music phone green theme which they hsve showde on their launch.
please give me the exactlocation of this theme i have many other themes but i am adamant for this as i foolishly purchased the old n70 just 2 days before it became available in my area and now all my friends are making fun of me.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • K790 guy

I have a k790 and i had N70 for a short time enough to know how good the phone is N70 is way better trust me its a good phone

  • Davegt

I've used this phone for twelve months now and it has not failed to impress me. I just upgraded to the N93 and although this is a quality phone I couldn't help but think that the N70 is just as good (that looks a bit better).

  • cass

Hi I have a problem transferring my music from PC to phone? When I set everything up and the PC asks me to connect the phone it does not transmit. Can you advise me on what I am doing wrong? anyone? it is really frustrating as I know it must be somwthing so simple I can see it. Yours hopefully. Cass N70

  • Anonymous

i have a problem regarding e memory card. i can't retrieve my files on it and it all went missing suddenly. i've tried taking e card out n putting it in agn but still no results. it happened twice alrdy n i was quite fed up with it. can't anyone tell me wad e problem is? can i still b able to retrieve the files?

  • wolla

can any1 telme tht how can i use n80 themes on my n70 ?
or is there software for cnvertin n80 themes to work in n70

  • Wrapped

does anybody know how can I use N70 as webcam?

  • raj

quithandy with good look great speed considering a smart phone.just makers should have given louder doesnt stand anywhere near ericsson why makers should think about its soundvolume and add bass to it.

  • garry

this hp better than n72..
n72 so bad..although n72 has good design but the content so bad...n70 better than it..more cool,beautiful and smart!
better u buy it than n72!!!!


hi...can ne1 tell me tht if u download an mp3 skin on to ur n70 frm the net...wer does it get stored.....
if u wanna hide a particular video or fe-explorer­0-softwares...there u cn create ne folder n save ur fotos....pls help me wid the mp3 skin thing..thnkx

  • Anonymous

you said N70 can support 2gb but why the video become choppy and 1gb does not get choppy?

  • Gigi Becali


  • Anonymous

Just wanted to know the maximum capacity you can get on a memory card for a noki says 256mb on some websites but i hear that having one larger than 1gb can damage your phone? is that true?