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Nokia N70

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  • Zeal Blood

YEah i am also facing the multimedia bbutton problem, i got it fixed thru my warranty but the next day the same problem appeared and i couldn't use the media key, I think i'll go and Fu*k those ppl once again,
Other than this N70 is just a superb choice. I just love it.All those Ppl who r looking forward to buy this beauty go ahead, believe me its just too good..

  • DrChrisDangerous

ok, my question, has anyone bought a different fascia for the n70? i've seen some decent and cheap ones on ebay but cannot for the life of em figure out how to take the front cover off! anyone able to enlighten me?

  • DrChrisDangerous

hey, to the nokia ring tone guy, it doe sit sometimes when you use your own tunes as ringtones. not sure why, usually if its a full song it finds it hard to load and reverts to the default tune. this is random, so try shorter song clips.

  • Adrian

Hey!I`m in a kind a panic! Since yesterday the media button (vertical, right) refuses to respond. I`ve got the phone for about a week. I tried resetting it, but it`s useless. It`s not that annoying, for I`ve got the warranty, but did it happen to you,too? Could it be, that the button no longer has a good contact to the circuit? P.S.: The phone didn`t fall on the ground so far.

  • Anonymous

u can dl nokia lifeblog from their main website

  • Ovidiu PATRUT

This phone is really great. I am very satisfied with all its capacities; BUT I seem to have a problem. From time to time, although I have set differrent sound features for each group, my phone rings with Nokia Tune. I HAVE NOT SET IT FOR ANY GROUP!!! Why is this happening?

  • fatima

i have this fon and i don't know how to use the instant messaging, do i have to download it? can anybody help me please? thanks

  • daisyflower

Love this phone had it about 1 month,music sounds great !!! & this may be about vodaphone rather than the phone but when I lock it after a minute or so it brings up the vodofone logo/wallpaper but i cannot get rid of it, it just bugs me thats background with white symbol type things flashing aound the screen.....if anyone can help me that would be great !!

  • Adrian

I have this phone for about 2 weeks! It is great, the video and image quality is outstanding and unbelievable! The are definitely no minuses about this phone. It dosent freeze, its fast, just AWESOME. I recommend it to every person.

  • uneng

i just bought n70 today.when im using for video capture theres buzzing sound on my video record even when ur make phone call.does anyone have this problem to?

  • juju bean

hi i have some how accidently deleted my life blog does any one know if it is possible to download it again or something to that effect.This phone is totally awesom i had some one buy it for me in dubai and bring it back to south africa for me.

  • Anonymous

u just have to clip the head phones man to listen to radio or else it wouldplay visual radio

  • norman

hellooo guys,
dont ever complain about camera capability in N70. if u want to get the best of all in universe shot, get Sony T9... approriate with the budget...ok, case closed.

  • nate

I have this phone for 1 month now the music is loud and if i search the web its fast the software is a bit slow but its worth it....if u guys need to convert videos for MPEG4 i know how to convert it using NERO


  • Anonymous

it seems to hav everything except infrared

  • easy

hey, just bought this phone, the features are great but my radi doesn't work. Any suggestions please?

  • Anonymous

COMING SOOOOOON! Nokia N73, successor to the Nokia N70. Now we have proof that the smartphone very much exists, the posters at forums have posted images of the Nokia N73. The phone will run on Symbian v9.1 and Series 60 3rd edition. The N73 will have two cameras: one 3.2 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens at the back (rumoured) and one VGA res camera in the front for making video calls. Specs include Bluetooth ver 2.0, Stereo speakers, 2.4 inch True color QVGA display, 3G/UMTS and Memory expansion

first pictures with comparison with N70­leaked_pictures_.php

  • Mehrdad

I have a little problem with there any other compatible handsfree(like the one of W800)

  • Anonymous

Great phone! Update memory up to 1 GB and NJOY :)

  • Anxious

please tell me a registration key for power mp3. please send me the smartmovie converter at my email
it should work on the n70