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  • Anonymous

Hi y'all, I'm frm Malaysia. I've just bought this fone in a few weeks ago n i have some comments about it.
1)The shape is elegant. (Business segment and not fashion) 2)Function have everything such as voice recording, loud speaker, FM radio, camera, etc that is build in and not attach externally. 3) Battery performance, sensitive(consume a lot of power)during playing MP3, camera and listening to the radio. To charge is around 2 hours. The cost is quite expensive. In Malaysia, it cost about RM 2300+ as at October-November ie the price only depreciate RM150 from the date of release somewhere at the end of 2004. The disadvantage is that, the contrast for the phone is not adjustable. The buzzer is terrible(ringing tone is not loud despite to switch it to the max level). The phone does not provide any ringing tone composer like the N3210, N8250 etc (perhaps, the trend is not popular then people keep downloading tons from the internet). No flash light like N1100 and N3200. No 'glow in the dark' like my friends N3100. The camera is only 1.3 Megapixel and I'm paying a huge sum of RM2300 (600USD). The polyphony ringing tones support only 64 channels which is normal then compared to my friends Samsung also which contains 64 channels. To sum up all, The N70 is an almost a perfect phone which almost all features included. Well, leave it to Nokia because over here, if u hate it or love it (by posting comments,) we are like talking to the wall and we are not deciding which to improve. Decision making is to be done by Nokia and not consumers. We, as consumers, will only sit and wait, hoping for new models to come and suit your needs because as far as i know, as far as i'm concerned, the N70 is the BEST model the Nokia has ever made. Previously i was holding a N5110 because i never thing of changing any new phones (at that time) because the skills of creativity and design is getting worse and worse. So Nokia, please, you have prove it to the world that you are the first leading telecommunication. However, in Malaysia, in the central region (Kuala Lumpur), most consumers has switch to Samsung just because the design is getting worst. PLease, hire better designers. Fine, again, we leave it to Finland Nokia. I would like to say, Good Luck to Nokia!!!!! :)

  • Ravi Weerawardane

I am from Sri Lanka.

Can you please let me know the following related to Nokia N70 model.

(1)Is it possible to down load Word & Excel files from computer to Nokia N-70 and view them on N70?
(2)Is it possible to open email attachments of PDF files, Word docs & Excel docs on Nokia N70?
(3)If items 1 & 2 are not possible on N70, are there any other Nokia model with above 1 & 2 features?

Awaiting your reply soon since I am planing to buy a N70 or similar model soon?

Best Regards,
Ravi Weerawardane.

  • Marco_32306

N70 hangs a couple of times at my first day. After 6 days of used, my N70 performance is at very satisfactory level. You also need to install the software patch1 created by Nokia to make your phone better on sound problem. To Teodor, thank you for posting files at the yahoo group. It gives me great add-ons software and really quite helpful. Tnx!!!

  • john Whyte

my nokia n70 will not allow me to got into instant messaging. it says packed data connection not avalible, when i go to settings and change it to avalible it still says not avalible.
does anyone know how to access instant messaging

  • Anonymous

the software is very smooth and faster than its peers and doesnt restart as some one told u so be assured

  • Anonymous

Phone has very smart features but the image on the PC does not come as good as it seems on the phone but still better than its peers

  • don

i mean sms..

  • don

my 2 friends got this phone days ago,the only problem when i borrow is the keypad it's to difficult to make an msm specially when u r in a hurry, but its a nice phone...

  • Joe

How do you remove the feature that causes the image of two hands coming together when you first turn on the phone. It is possible. Please let me know if anyone has an idea. Thanks Again..

  • grace

hello.. everyone.. im grace, i just want to ask if the N70 can't used the headset to listen the music in FM radio or not? can u help to this, i want to buy a cell that it can be no headset for the attena if you want to listen a music. tnx. guys.. more power

  • warren

actually N70 is a very nice phone too.i love it so much

  • coffee

To Ronny

Thx for the reply, appreciate that..

  • Bell

Actually,I decided to buy n70 this week,but just heard from my friend said that the Nokia software system got problem,it is restarted by itself..hmm,I wanna ask is that true?Thanks

  • ronny

the body is made of soft material,and it is very delicat,so it will be scratched in no time.

greatings from Holland.

  • worry

Am I buying a good phone or a problem phone. 96 pages of comments about N70 problem.

  • coffee

Attention all N70 Users..

Im planning to buy this phone. Before that, i have one simple question to ask. Is the faceplate get easily scartched or is it pretty solid paint? Thx a lot and good day all..

  • aberdeen

got a question...

can somebody tell me the quality of the sound when mp3s are played..

is it like the sound quality of sonyericsson?

  • Bell

Actually,I decided to buy n70 this week,but just heard from my friend said that the Nokia software system got problem,it is restarted by itself..hmm,I wanna ask is that true?Thanks

  • wkyoong

Just got a N70 a few days ago. Seriously. this phone rox. My 2nd symbian series 60 phone. In my opinion, its really a feature packed and solid smartphone.
No matter what bad things other people say about it, its not entirely true. Maybe they just dont know how to appreciate and utilise a smartphone( no offence :p )
Here's my short review:
Pros: 1) faster and efficient UI- ver. 8.1a
2) Very nice camera and smooth video recording
3) hot swap memory card
4) and many more!!!!!!

Cons : 1) Metallic parts prone to scratches
2) camera slide a little loose
3) thats about it i think
Conclusion : Overall a very good and efficient series 60 smartphone. Highly recommended!!!!!

  • joanne

this phone is too heavy