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  • Xi

im planning to buy both the n70 & the 7370...... im just wondering if the n70's problem about the red button that closes applications fixed already..... and are there official xpress-on covers made by nokia for this phone....

  • gan666

i got the n70 phone one week back. but i dint face any problems in the phone. its good looking, smart, and good camera options. i suggest its kool phone. may be some people r facing problems with thier n70, i think may be they have purchaced the beta version.i am happy with my n70 , comparing with my n6680, n3230 , n6600. the over all rating of the phone is good, i sugesst buy it.

  • Steve

HI all,

how to install softwares to tis hp!? help me pls~~appreciate much~thx..

best regards,

  • shaniella

I am having problems with the USB too..
When it prompt me to connect USB to mobile, i was waiting forever for it to detect.
But then failed.Does anyone have any solutions to solve this problem?

  • Faisal

hey .
this fone rocks. no problem. if u have any than plz plz plz plz reply me on ma email. i m v v v v v v v v v v v v v v happy 2 buy this this fone. this fone really a gr8 one . i luv ma fone. voice n sound is gr8 n also gr8 reception . welldone nokia. i luv nokia

  • xiaovin

hello guyz does anyone knows how to use the data cable plsss tell me plss

  • Anonymous

The N70 is one of the best.People who do not know or understand the technology of this phone may call it useless but I have been using it for 2 months and have not faced any complaint.The reception and all other functions are very good,it satisfies a wide variety of office requirements,but dont drop it.
Buy it if your pocket permits...

  • baby_vox

i'm about to purchase a 3G Nokia Phone (specifically N70,still unsure) and i'd like to know if the phone messages (SMS) can be saved onto the computer? Ive been using other brand cellphones therefore i'm not very familiar with how the Nokia ones work.. i think with Nokia PC Suite thing i could save the SMS msgs from my cell phone to my PC, right? a reply from people familiar with Nokia phones would be very much appreciated :)

  • kieran

sent the n70 back to vodafone cancelled can not send video or picture mms over 40kb max should be 100kb fault with symbian still not sorted it out got 6280 on three amazing fone no probs with it vodafone saying release 6280 in april couldnt wait

  • Oli Rahman

I agree with lot of people, N70 is rubbish, its too slow, lack of software, software bugs, it takes ages to boot up. Do not buy this phone. I feel I've been con by nokia, its not worth of buying, wait for future upgrade on n series.

  • Ms G

FANTASTIC PHONE!!! This is my first 3G phone and I have to say I think its brilliant.

I have had the phone for about 3 weeks now and not encountered any problems at all. Many people have said that its a little slow, but, we have to remember guys that this phone is like a mini computer, and sometimes we need to be patient with it rather than pressing all buttons at once before giving the phone a chance to catch up with our impatience.

Once you get to know your Nokia N70, with a little patience you will find that it supports your every need.

I notice someone said they were unable to DELETE ALL TEXT MESSAGES - YOU CAN! Open your inbox, Select Options, Select Mark All (you will notice a little tick in the top rioght hand corner of each message appear), Select Options again and then Delete all!

Hey presto - inbox cleared!

Also, to transfer data from one memory card to another, although this can be done on the PC, some of the data isnt read by the PC. Therefore, it is best to purchase a Memory Card Reader. At they have them on sale, and if you are prepared to wait, they have, coming soon a 20 in 1 Card Reader which will read ALL cards including those from your digital cameras. It's 9.99 and I have found this the cheapest site for the Card Reader.

Basically, with a little patience, the N70 is another, quality, fantastic mobile from Nokia and I would recommend it!

Thanks for listening and I hope I have helped a few people!

  • Lex

Just want to do you get the phone to store sms on the mem card? Since the msg icon has been flashin..indicatin full memory..i think?

  • King2334

The n70 is hell good its got everything the n90 is just a faze

  • kim leung

N70 is a good looking phone, but too many software problems for the money you have to pay for this phone. My advise dont buy the phone its not worth the money or the headaches.

  • dan

N70 is utter rubbish, stylish looking phone , but too slow and too many software bugs and lots of crashes and the phone freezes up every hour or so.

  • diggler05

this phone is beyond crap...I've had this phone for less than 6 weeks and the phone keeps freezing, the phone crashes without notice . The one thing I will say is DONT BUY THIS PHONE, wait and see if the N80 is better. I think the N70 is a "beta" version.. I think the phone was just released so that the consumers shamefully would find all the software bugs and thus make the N80 better. but the phone has been hell and a total waste of money and inconvenience. The N70 is total rubbish. DONT BUY THE N70

  • extra

I've upgraded my firmware to V. 3.0546.2.3 and also updated the patch. However, at times, Private Number calls plays the Nokia Ringtone instead of my preset ringtone. Why ?

anyone encountered similar prob ?

  • jeff

i got my n70 today,and just wanna know few things:

1.the keypad light dont light up sometimes,y?
2.its getting keypad lock to off it so i can lock it manually,even after i adjust the autolock perios under security settings,it still locks,help plz


  • Rubik-on

To Prem:

The PC connection goes like this: a) install Nokia PC Suite on your computer; b) connect mobile to PC and wait for Windows to setup the drivers (note that I'm talking about Windows XP SP2, but other win versions work the same way I guess); c) open PC Suite. Now a potentially tricky part: If your PC recognizes the phone but it does not communicate with it (e.g. you can't tranfer files) go to Start-->Run, type "Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll" (without the "") and press enter. Have fun!

  • prem

I just got an N70 and it looks really cool to me so far. Just two questions. (1) Do I have to install any software before I connect it to PC. (2) How do I add songs to the memory card. Answers would be appreciated.