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  • landy

as an owner of the N70 i can say most of the comments on this board come from people who dont even own the phone, or people too stupid to use a smart phone. my phone easily connects to my computer and i use MP3 ringtones happily. it is a tad slow but when you consider its a mini computer and whats its capable of over other phones you can forgive it.

  • Xanders

SO problems are:
1. v lousy sound quality
2. card card r plucked out and insert back, phone wont recognise, need to format card
3. sometimes d phone rings n sometimes dun
4. sound recording time only 10 seconds
5. even if sound is customised it still it plays the default nokia theme when phone rings

anything else to add to d list?

  • tinto

Great phone,but can that camera shutter sound be turned OFF !!! 8-(

  • edg

I don't know about u.s. , but here in Romania i love to see my little girl LIVE on my N70. However, the phone is great, a little slow, but great and if you want a real phone you should buy it.The design is superb, with the 2 megapixel camera you make an unexpected good pics, especialy outdoor, the sound is great and I can continue with apreciations but i let you descover N70 yourself. By the way, don't let my origins fool you, this is my 51 top line phone and I love it.

  • Kris

I had my N70 for a bit now and I have to say my previous phone 6230i was much better then the N70. The main problems with the N70 is that it's very slow to open any application and if you have big fingers it's had to text.

The main problem I encountered is when I removed the memory card with all my music on it, it wouldn't recognise the card again when reinserting it, the only way I found out to sort the problem is to format the card and start again. Very annoying!!!

  • InVaDeR


Only From a Local Nokia Shop :)

  • o2

how do i do a sotware upgrade anyone know....

  • gwapz

For US Customers!!

Totally not worth buying!!

This phone is expensive because Yeah its the so called N-Series and its 3G capabilities..

Well yeah NO 3G 2100mhz here in the US..

  • Andrew

Hey, had this phone for a few weeks now, the only problem i have is the lack of memory , can anyone suggest a brand of memory cards are reliable and cheaper than nokia. p.s. i want a 1gb one

  • Az

The only problem I have had is the horrible delay when taking a photo. It can be about 1/2 a second but when taking photos of something moving it is very annoying.

  • bazza

is there any way to make the volume from the headphones any louder it seems quite quiet to me.

  • WizardiNg

You can change your cover BUT your warranty will be voided. AND n70 is able to take photo in landscape format. Go to any nokia care and they will upgrade your software for FREE! And i suppose the problem willl be solved

  • Dare_angel

Yah, it's the latest...

  • dennis

my N70 firmware is V 3.0546.2.3 18-11-05 RM-84, is it the latest?

  • Tamara

I have had the phone for 3 weeks and it is the best phone I've had (trust I've had a lot, most of which have been thieved!!) Except my ringer does not always ring! Apparently I need to upgrade the software, anyone know how to do this??

  • gwapz

depends where you located and where you gonna use it bob..

  • daymond

Have the bugs in the N7O already fixed?
i from Singapore....any singaporean can answer me?
wat is the latest firmware version?

  • RAY75k

i'm fully agree with our friend complaining bout the ringtone. and it happen to me aslo. i've bought the phone last 3weeks ago. in KL cost me bout RM1800++ damn expensive!!! when i change the ringtone it still playing the default tone (The Nokia Tone Lah ) when someone call me. i'm really fustrated lah.. my 6600 never act like this N70. woi nokia Enginner wake up lah this phone not cheap you know is 1/2 of my monthly salary and someomore it doesn't like what i'm expected!!!.Arghhhh!!!! fed up lah. to all friend and N70 user can you give the latest N70 upgarde vision like my N70 the software V3.0546.2.3 was it the latest one??? pls reply....

  • hanoz vajifdar

After reading to all these good reviews, here i have a not so good one. Well whatever you see on the phone is true, the colors, display, camera all is good. But the major glitch with the software of this phone is no matter what ringtone (mp3,midi etc.) you select for your phone it will still play the nokia default theme. YES !!! this is true. Even my service provider cant help me with it. those who havent faced this problem are ones who may not have changed their ringtones.

  • gwapz

This Phone sucks if you will goin to use it in America.. US will be using 1900Mhz UMTS frequency for their 3G..

This phone only has 2100Mhz like the 6680 and the 6280..

hehehe.. too bad for the americans who bought this phone to use it here in the US..

Worthless.. better think of ebay now!!