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Nokia N70

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  • Tee

Well I have owned lots of phones, mainly Nokia's - but this is the worst ever. Urgh! It's sooooooo slow it drives me nuts. It takes about a minute to boot up and menus are like walking in treacle. I think it is a great leap backward to merge two chips into one like this. I want less frills and more speed so next time I am going for something mucgh simpler.

  • Wolverine

Get this phone with orange, they fix up the phone b4 they sell it. ive had mine for over a week, not even 1 proplem, its wonderful. In tooting, London they can unlock it aswell.

  • taz

hi all, ive had the n70 now for a month and i havnt had any problems what so ever with the problems loading software onto it,speed seems fine to me so good ole nokia... =O)

  • Jijo

I am very very sorry to tell that this phone gives the worst performance. The sound software cramps a lot and the operating system gets hanged up frequently. Everyday some sort of rubbish problems occurs. Some of them are sound blurdness, low battery backup and sound reception. Too poor nokia. I have changed the mobile twice due to these problems. But still no use. "Nokia please wakeup, update the chipset, stop fooling people."

  • Rich

I have had the N70 since the end of October on Vodafone. Lots of software problems and slow at first but now have software upgrade for free and very happy with the phone overall. If yours is slow or other issues get the software upgraded.


nokia 3310 is better than n70 ! it has a btire diplay with 1 colour and that si greate . so buy nokia 3310

  • Zee

hi all i v been usin this fone for a month now the only thing which i think is bad is the shining silver portion of this set which is close to lcd thwe problem whith that is it get scratches very fast other wise phone is awsome no prblem no speed problem all is fake take care bbeyz

  • cjd

Does anyone know whether Netmonitor software will be available for N70 soon?

  • Anonymous

i'm using this phone for tmobile right now. i was wondering if tmobile supports the video calling feature. i think i read somewhere that there is a fee to use that feature

  • TAVI

it's an sys. application called TaskSpy

  • puppet


well what do you expect if you drop a phone... it breaks!!! dont make stupid comments.

  • fyl

i noe tat it is CHEAP n NICE but u'll hav many problems once u brought it. i can say its the "worst" nokia fone i ever used u noe. low speed n try dropping n tats it! hwevr if u insist on buying then its lyk shooting a gun on ur head really.

  • anus

i have nokia N70 for about 3weeks and it is great.
you were talking about the prices i think it isn't so is the best mobilphone.
nokia N70 have every think you need i am sure about that!!!!!!

  • Lexus

actually is it n70 worth to buy it ? now amost RM2000 per piece.
thanks for the opinion !

  • JaCKY

Thanks for reply.
7610 has 120mHz and N70 220mHz

But how i check the mHz ah?

  • GW

hey.. i wanted to kno... i might be tradin in my Nokia 6680 for an N70.. but i heard that there were a lot of problems with it.. is it still worth the buy?? are the patches out yet?? plz reply...

  • Faisel Shah

What's that thing next to the mem card slot? Is it a USB port where u can insert an actual pendrive slot?

  • Faisel Shah

I think that this phone is a Master Piece! I Have just ordred one from Orange shop, online on Pay Monthly and simply cannot wait. I currently own an LG U8360, which is ok but poor camera and vid cam result even though it has 1.3 Megapixels, it's still crap. U can only zoom in 2X and if u wanna take a pic in 1280x960 size, then u can't zoom in. Oh and the LG U 8360's memory is so dull. It says 20MB but u can only use up to 15MB even if I Reset the memory, so I bought a TransFlash Mem card, 562MB, 20 brand new. So I am hoping that the N70 will be an accurate phone and not using up all the space without me even using the phones memory!

  • faraz

THE phone is very cool
its camera is dam cool
it is 1 of the best phone of nokia
it is not so expensive as 8800
it looks stylish
has a attractive look
it could have infrares
people would enjoy it
i am enjoying the phone
i advise that it is best of n series
and people should take this phone

  • TAVI

7610 has 120mHz and N70 220mHz