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  • salouma

finally Nokia has implemented a new series of phone N series and specially the nokia N70 excellent camera 2mp without a label
2.high performance
3.a diff. new good design
4.good data speed
5.and alot of ..................
i recommend that phone to any one want to purchase a good phone

  • salouma

Dear All
for who those have bad experience with the nokia N70
they have a network prob. with there operators or with friendly tec. usage
WHY DO I SAY THAT???????????????
im from mena(middle east and north africa)
and i have some friends from europe france and we have purchased the nokia N70 and we didn't face any prob. using that genius phone implemented by nokia as much im inthe communication field so i have make a lot of hard test for that phone and i found that it an excellent phone so when i read ur opinions about ur prob. using that phone im totaly suer that those prob. r from ur networks so plz check with them

  • Anonymous

hey guys u think i should get this phone or the sony ericsson w900, im an owner of nokia 7610 right now and dunno wheather to get this n70 or se w900!! help plz!!!!

  • Richard

To Dan Lim...

I suffered the same fate a week after I got my unit (in the Philippines). Same thing had happened to my friend. Soon after the first incident, I took the phone to the nearest Nokia Care Center. They did a few adjustments (or so they say) with the hardware which took about 15 minutes. It worked but only for a day or so. I then called the nokia hotline and was asked to take a "soft" approach by re-setting the phone to its original settings. It would work but only for a few hours. I then took it to another Nokia branch and was told that a newer software version was available and that they would install it. I picked up my unit after about an hour. The counter guys tested it in front of me and I was good to go. It's been almost two weeks now and the phone has been working quite well. Funny thing though, I checked the software version a few days after it was installed and was apalled to find out that it still is the same version. I can't help but wonder but nevertheless, it's been working fine since then. I'm not sure if it would work but you might just want to try having the software re-installed. My friend did the same thing and her unit's been ok for about a week now.

  • fish

May i know wht software can used in n70 ,pls give me some example..plz.....

  • Anonymous

Picked up my N70 after Nokia had it for nearly 2 weeks. the good thing is they replaced it so now I have a completely un branded one. its amazing how much of the Nokia software Vodafone had deleted or changed.

  • Jay QT

yeah the phone is great as well as the design but underneath the fone is bollocks! it keeps on crashin' and the processing power is a bit slow and far-fetched from its media hype!

  • Dan Lim

I purchased the Nokia N70 mobile phone, stylish design and loaded with functions that thrills…underneath this beautiful phone something changed my view about Nokia technology and service.

I was a proud owner of the latest trend in town and I was a happy man. However this joy died away when I discovered that there are no ringing tones from incoming calls intermittently. I started to monitor the phone. I discovered that there are indeed no ringing tones for a number of calls and my business is in jeopardy – this line is my business line.

The phone was sent in to Nokia Wheel Lock place for the first time – software upgraded as stated in the repair log.

After collecting the phone I discovered the problem still exists.

The phone was sent in for the second time, this time I was assured of a “thorough” check to be done and it requires a longer time.

The phone parted from me again for another day.

I collected the phone as usual and my limit was up when I discover I had 3 missed call due to no ringing tone 5 minutes after I left the collection center.

This time I demand a change of phone but the furthest Nokia can do is to change the PCB board.

It took another 2 days of my time and I had to borrow a phone from someone. I collected the phone 2 days after 8 successful incoming calls from my wife (pre arranged) I parted the service center thinking that I have parted with my nightmare. The nightmare returns when I saw 2 miss calls from my friend at night.

Called Nokia and they insist there is no such problems with this N70 model. I believe many have yet to discover this and I recorded a test on video on my phone. 5 out of 6 calls did not ring. This proof I brought along to Nokia the fourth time and guess what? The manager told me to wait for a new upgrade for the software to solve this problem.

The best thing is this updated software release date is yet to be known – no time limit….

May I know what can be done next as I have spent so much money and time in the latest technology with the biggest name in town and have proven to be a disaster? Maybe I should have the N90 for free and experience another kind of nightmare….

I will be delighted to meet anyone to share my unpleasant experience.

By the way, they took away phone without replacement thus; do not trade in your old phone just in case you need one like me.

  • Jake


With regards to your Mp3 ringtone problem.

Make sure your Mp3's are saved in the gallery, you can then set them as a ringtone.

If you have them in your inbox save them into my folders then open the song and save it to your Gallery. From the Gallery you can then select Options > Set as Ringtone.

Alternatively Personalise your phone's ringtones by using Tools>Themes>Personalise.

Hope this helps

  • xtremelycomplex

I got this phone and it tops it all. This is a solid phone...very fast bluetooth exchange. It beats my Treo 650 uploading mp3's. Slide show is sweet.....even has background music while slideshow. The feel of this phone in your hand is great. I work for Turner Broadcasting Company and when my friends see this phone, it really catches their eye. The metal look and feel gives it that solid look. Don't even bother checking out the other phones...this is a must have.

  • annie925

hi gil, i recommend you get the n70. this phone is the bomb. 2mp camera, music player, great video cam, great screen display, great everything. although what bugs me is that in the specs, they said it comes with 30mb internal memory, but when i checked my phone it only comes to about 22mb internal memory. i dont know what's up with that. and some applications are really useless, like the push to talk, which takes a lot of memory space, since no provider supports PTT here in the philippines. and i would suggest you get one with warranty cause n70 is fairly new ang bugs keep showing up. so just in case you get a non so good one, you can have it replaced. other than that, im very satisfied with my nokia n70. i used to own a nokia 6680 and if i may say, this phone although both have similar features would give you more worth for your money. thanks and i hope i was able to help.

  • Den

Hey every1! my n70 is not finding any mp3 to set as a ringtone, so i dont know what 2 do

  • nibs1983

hey guys i was passing through ur posts and i saw many mentioned about the from lebanon and from here i got it for 399 usd $ (taxes and no card restrictions) the way...n90 was for 1500 usd 2 months its for 540 usd...wats happening with nokia these days

  • Jake

I have been in the market for a new mobile over the last 3 months. I work for the UK's largest mobile retailer and after rigorous searching I found that this phone would be the best choice for me.

I'm definately happy with my purchase however there are a few things I found out after using the N70.

To start with the things I dislike:
i. When writing texts I find the backspace or [c] button is in the wrong place. It is a strain to delete mistakes, especially with one hand.
ii. As previous ppl have said, the loading times are incredibly tedious.
iii. The menu doesn't have the best layout, even though it is still easy enough to use.
iv. The default themes are below standard, and there are no animated icons and the like.
v. When playing music loudly it sounds far to
'tinny' - due to high treble vs low bass.

On the positive side I can say the following:
i. Fantastic 2MP primary camera.
ii. Easy to use
iii. large, high res, display
iv. quick 3G access, and B'tooth connectivity
v. Many features for both personal and business use.
vi. Stylish extras, wrist strap, earphones, and a shammy to keep the metal casing clean.
vii. FM radio, mpeg recording, & java games.
viii. Expandible memory.
Overall, there are far more pros than cons and I think it's fair to say that the N70 is one of the most feature packed phones on the market right now.

Rating: 9/10

  • gil

Gud day 2 everyone, especially to my 2 kababayans from the Philippines (annie925 & Antonio). I wud lyk 2 ask u guyz regarding N70. Is it really great? Coz I dont have any clues if the sounds (ringing, messaging, mp3, etc.)are really great. Does the fon supports mega bass? Hoping you can help me on this, if you (Antonio & annie925) want to email me, u can at Thank u so much.

  • Barmi

Hi Everyone! I would like to ask you that does this phone (N70) support to 256MB or 1GB?When does the N91 sell in all markets? And how doest it cost?

So please let me know soon

Best regards,

  • Anonymous

very slow processor

very prone to virus

not adviseable to use 512mb mmc, some of the apps will suffer

this phone i a PAIN IN THE ASS!

  • Antonio

Prices sure are dropping fast. I got mine here in the Philippines (Greenhills) for USD 450, unlocked and with nokia warranty. the sales person said that it's in anticipation of the release of the newer N-series models this January.

To Jillian, my unit is not as slow as what you've described. Better have it checked. That's even after replacing my MMC with a 512 and having used more than half the memory. No need for an iPod, you've got your own MP3 player. Sound with the headset is just amazing :)

  • jillian

yeah, da phone is not stable in terms of da slowliness of movin around in da menu. i wonder y. especially when i change new theme or when i m in da theme menu, i try to exit. man, it took such a long time at least half a minute. slow rite? does any1 of u encounter such slowliness. how'ver at times it load pretty fast if da menu had been load previously. all in all not stable in da time execution of the menu.

  • annie925

hi everyone, i've been using the n70 for about 2 weeks now and the phone rocks!btw, here in the philippines, you can get a nokia n70 for $470! unlocked and sim free.