Nokia N71 review: A matter of taste

GSMArena team, 19 June 2006.

Perfect browsing

The web browser of Nokia N71 is the same as in N80 and E60, but as the display has lower resolution, N71 displays less on its screen. It works great and offers powerful features. There is a mouse cursor that can be navigated easily, you can switch between different pages and you can zoom the part of the page you are in interested in. The browser supports flash clips and most Java scripts. An intriguing fact is that Nokia N71 (as well as N80 and E60) has two different browsers. One of them is this advanced one and the other is an old Symbian browser, which was used in earlier models.

Nokia N71 Nokia N71 Nokia N71 Nokia N71
Nokia N71 Nokia N71
Nokia N71 web browser


Nokia N71 has an Organizer menu and a Calendar icon in the main menu. This is quite confusing but is not unusual. The Calendar has Monthly, Weekly and Daily view. You can assign Meeting, Anniversary, Memo and To-do tasks in the Calendar. You can also put alarms on those assignments.

Nokia N71 Nokia N71
Calendar: monthky & weekly views

The phone can open office Word and Excel documents but cannot edit them. You can only zoom in and out and read the files. There is a dual clock application in the phone. You can set two different times and dates in two time zones. You can set alarms from the Clock application.

Nokia N71 Nokia N71
Word document Excel document

The Organizer menu consists of Notes, Converter, Calculator and Recorder applications. The Converter converts Currencies, Area, Energy, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Velocity and Volume. The calculator is very simple and easy to use. Regrettably, the Recorder has a one minute limit for voice records. This seems quite illogical since the phone has enough internal memory and a memory card slot.

Nokia N71 Nokia N71
Calculator Recorder

Mobile security and blogging

An intriguing thing is that the Nokia N71 has an anti-virus application. It is the F-Security application which protects your phone from mobile virus attacks. Another interesting application is the Lifeblog feature which is for mobile blogging which is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Nokia N71 Nokia N71
Imaging and My own sub-menus

3D Snake

Nokia N71 has two preinstalled games, Snake and Card Deck. The Card Deck game is a pack of popular card games like Klondike and Golf. The Snake game is a new 3D labyrinth of the popular Nokia Snake game. We must admit that it offers quite an amusing and addictive gameplay.

Nokia N71 Nokia N71
Card Deck Snake

Controversial choice

Nokia N71 definitely has its great sides and can offer much to the end users but lacks design touch and due to its bulky size will repulse many customers. Of course, there are people who enjoy bigger phones and will like the new Symbian Nokia but probably for the majority of us N71 won't be the first choice of preference.

Reader comments

  • Noor

i have the same problem concerning the MEMORY FULL and i cant recieve the sms, atleast not untill i delete half of my saved msg. and it would take hours sometimes. i have had this phone for two years and its getting on my nurves and currently lo...

  • ys

after using this mobile for almost 9months, i keep getting the annoying memory full, can't receive sms notice. i have tried to delete everything, but still get this notice. can someone help?

  • Anonymous

i have a nokia n71 phone its great never been batter but i have a probblem and i realy want someone to help me please i need the java sis aplctaion that maks my phone go on the internet can someone please i realy need it u can eamil me back at eg...