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  • RalphXYZ

NSeries Problem with phone Memory Shows "Memory Full, delete some data"

am using N73 Music Edition since last almost 2 Months. I am facing an issue with phone memory. Suddenly I get an error "Memory Full, delete some data" for phone memory. When I check Phone memory details, it shows me 44 MB used and only few KBs left. Even If I make a total of all used phone memory, it never goes above 1 MB. I understand when everything is OK and if we check phone memory, it will show me around 33 MB free memory and 11 MB used memory which could be because of OS on phone.

I am wondering why I suddenly my phone memory goes upto 44 MB even if there's nothing that can make phone memory to reach upto 44 MB.

Did anyone face this issue ever ? If yes then please let me know the solution for the same.

At present I found a workaround to this problem. When I get this memory full error, I clear the log from Application -> Log -> Settings. I make it no log or 1 day log and then restarts my cell. It resolves the problem

The Solution is here

Why the phone shows that full memory even though the file are around some 15 to 19 MB…

The real problem is with application called “LIFEBLOG”…. I really hate this application since when I bought N73… When ever we taking photo or sending message or receiving message… this application take a copy and store in his data base. that’s why we are experiencing these problem…

The solution is

First you should have minimum of 150 KB free memory in your phone… its enough to open
the Application

Then open the Application-->Lifeblog-->option-->settings--> item types--> unmark all the items… then restart your mobile…. whiles start up… the lifeblog application will clean up the database and your phone memory will back to normal….

  • sunny

5630 will kill n73

  • zveki

N73_joy, 10 Feb 2009Hi! I have N73 Fone (Standard Type) I just want to ask how can i... moreDont try with half-battery to change in to music edition,the phone will be dead.Or dont do it exept in official service

  • Jerry

Hi. N73 is a well designed phone, and i like it much. Dat is why am using it. I would like to ask u to help me to upgrade it to the N73 music. Please tell me how i can do it. Thanks

  • Anonymous

Anyone has rotate me unsigned sis.file? please, share it. i loved the application but i couldn't find it in the internet. huhuhu. please. Have Mercy.

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  • Nuwan

im using N73ME phone is some time the struk.why?

  • N73_joy

Hi! I have N73 Fone (Standard Type) I just want to ask how can i upgrade it into N73 Music Edition???.. Pls Help!

Thanks In Advance!:D

  • Anonymous

I'm using N73 for about 3 mos and my problem is on its joystick

  • fahad saleem

if u having memory full problem then turn disable Lifeblog in settings or applications ( uncheck all in lifeblog ) then yew dun face the memory full problem again :-) takE cARE y'aLL

  • fahad saleem

its a very great FONe !

  • sunny

All those who want to use 4gb in n73 first try to put football in ur mouth then try 4gb in n73.thousand times said n73 support only 2 gb..

  • Catskill

evergreen1, 01 Feb 2009i find a green light blinking at the top of the n73 ME near the ... more
Hi der,

Your Problem s veri simple, go 2 ur Tools,Settings,Phone,Display and turn off your Sleep Mode and dats it.

  • shyam

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  • Gabriel

N73 me mousam, 09 Feb 2009Huy guys, i am using n73 me for the last 1.5 years the phone rea... moreHello, i also have a nokia N73 and as long as I've tried it only accepts 2 gig card as maximum, unfortunately i did the same thing you did and i bought the 4 gig card but never worked even if a formatted over and over again.

  • Jason Kitney

The phone is really sloooooowwwwwwwwwwwww. Upgraded software, did not install anything but still it is sloooowwwwwww

  • saeid

excuse me is there in n73 DUAL ARM 09 Processor????

  • N73 me mousam

Huy guys, i am using n73 me for the last 1.5 years the phone really rocks.The problem is that till yesterday i was using the 2gb card provided in the box.I bought a kingston 4gb micro sdhc as my dealer told me that it supports 4gb.But when i inserted the card the phone wasn't reading it.I formatted the card through my pc but still the same problem.Please guys tell me does n73 music edition supports 4gb card and if it does why isn't my phone reading it.My firmware is 4.0812.4.2.1.Please help me any help will be highly appreciated.Thnx.

  • Anonymous

How can i display a wallpaper on full of the desktop background? when i set some pic as wallpaper it appears only in the middle of screen and whole screen is not covered how can it be done? please someone help me

  • farraldm

can I use N73 music edition in canada?
Pls someone to help me

  • v

i have a problem with my n73 music esdition.
i want someone to tell me how to make my phone autolocking the keypads with using security code to unloke it