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  • Anonymous

How to maximize the voice recorder time from default 1.00 min to the maximum limit...

  • Himanshu

Tell me, how to increase ram. N73 have only 44mb ,then always full 32 or 35mb. Tell me, how to increase ram? Tell me on

  • N73 owner

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2008Hi Himanshu Negi, You mean activate loudspeaker and lis... moreThanks for the key for the alarm,it worked like a charm and it turns out my problem earlier involving the multimedia key was because of NiceAlarm so afetr I deleted it I need a new alarm system.

God bless

  • reply to to-my

tomy i received your file (task manager)but thatis just a demo and it has expired in 14 days only but that was fantastic version if you have full kindly send me you have my mail ID........

  • nuyel

you know what, my phone just died and when i tried to turn it on, it necer got off the botting cycle. got stucked on the nokia welcome page.
then i removed the battery then turned in on, I lost all of my messages....

bad n73!!!! but i still love it!!!!

  • presto

tomy501, 29 Jan 2009N73 owner, I have firmware 4.0839.42.2.1, thats from ME mod... morebut the alarm n73 do u have program a hours everyday...
it so suck...i need one apps for the alarm for the weeks...
some peoples say about "My alarm" aplication but i dont find this apps in websites...
do u know one site when a i can download this program or other aplication this job?

  • a

n73 is the best i also using this phone if u have problem with n73 like memory full just format ur phone. like computers virus can slow down ur phone. symbian is the best os but full of virus programs

  • kartikey

i have a n73 music edition
i wanted to know if there is a software for capturing pictures without the camera sound
and i also want a mobile antivirus and mobile tracker for it.
is there any way of scheduling the SMS so it would be send after the set time.
any sort of help will be acknowledged & appreciated.
may god bless u all!
thank you in advance.
my email id is

  • Anonymous

nuyel, 27 Jan 2009ralph, its plum on the back, white on front....The whole case of the N73 ME is color bronze even the joystick and the keypads is color bronze too...

  • tomy501

Keyboard is not convenient, "joystick" is to small and difficult, just as keyboard. My next phone will be N82 or N79. Phone must have WiFi!!

  • tomy501

N73 owner, 26 Jan 2009I have firmware 4.0812.4.0.1, don't know why it does this b... moreN73 owner, I have firmware 4.0839.42.2.1, thats from ME model. I changed Prod Code to ME code. But I am not satisfied, press on one button will open "music player", before on that button I was have 4 function.
GANESH - Yes, N73 have ALARM, that is in "clock" application.

  • tomy501

likelike, 28 Jan 2009please send some information regarding back up memory caus... morehey "likelike", you don't have to format your phone. You have problem with "MEMORY FULL DELETE SOME DATA"? I know. All we - users of N73 - have that problem. Read down and find text about resolving that problem, I wrote it before! N73 is good phone, good camera, but slow camera shutter!

  • Thigee

likelike, 28 Jan 2009please send some information regarding back up memory caus... moretry to full format ur device. its as easy as ABC, just backup all ur files and start reformatting it.

  • prasenjit101

please halp me. which phone are better to acces internet and download.

  • nuyel

likelike, 28 Jan 2009please send some information regarding back up memory caus... moretry to reboot it.... reformat... or the files might just realy be on your phone memory... messages also are factors...

  • likelike

please send some information regarding
back up memory cause my phone memory is always full eventhough im using my msd as a default memory.


Zahid Dodhy, 26 Jan 2009Dear Sir, I do have NOKIA N73 and a problem appear in my f... moreQ:
does it work in the dark places??

A:if yes then your phone is ok...

Q:does it not lit in bright places??

A:don't worry.. it's normal.. it is because of the light sensor

  • nuyel

Adams, 27 Jan 2009Thanks :-)No problem.

  • Adams


  • nuyel

Silver Horse, 22 Jan 2009Can anyone tell me that when i play a game on N73, and clos... morehi... for you to not lose the open application (and your message on write message as well), please press on the menu button until some icons appear on the top laft hand side of your lcd. then select phone. after doing your task, just press again, click on your application and you're good to complete the next level of your game!!!!!