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Nokia N73

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  • jon (singapore)


i agree with u 100 %

  • SeDuTeR

i already installed themes to my memory card n yet i still can uninstalled the themes.. How?

  • Lahiru (France)

To Aj

Difference between QVga & Cif

QVga 320*240
Cif 352*288

  • Anonymous

Nokia N73 can't record voice more than one minute...why??????Does anyone know how to do so(if any)?

  • Ethan

FIRMWARE? can i download from internet or go to upgrade from nokia centre, but AP's phone
can go to nokia's service centre?

  • bill & galli

guys, i just wanted to ask that is the sound quality of N 73 great like nokia 6233?

  • sheepori

N73 has the recorder in the office. But is the record time only available for 1 min ?
I try to store it in the memory card. but still the same, 1 minutes. Even 6280 can use the recorder for 1 hour. Can anybody tell me how to extend the recorder time for N73 ?

  • Anonymous

The reason your not getting SMS is due to a setting that needs changing, nothing wrong with the phone itself.

  • Jon Man

Any one know how to set up gmail on the phone using POP3? I can send emails but i can't rec. emails. My carrier is Optus.
I've managed to receive emails once, i didnt alter the settings and not it wont receive.

  • aj

ei...whats the difference between (qvga)video&(cif)video..hope you can help me out..God bless!!

  • regret

Listen! Nokia just released N73-DVD version with WIFI, DVD recording quality, 4 Megapixel camera. So long to N73 and N73 ME.

You can check it out at

  • Rick

What i mean is on the top got two speaker and center got on/off button.My top left side is not working is it normal?Pls heip me.

Thanks in advanced

  • tootsie roll

I got tempted buying this phone about 2 months ago. with all the hanging, unable to receive sms while in 3g mode and the slow response i updated it. you think the problem was solved. guessed it right the fone still sucks. i used to have the k750 and it was awesome. i should have opted for k800i.

thanks nokia for giving us this crappy phone..

  • dahool00

used n73me for 1 week.
so far so good.

but, phone call drop twice for no reason. the signal was good, hope that it was the other party's signal line is poor.

warning!!! - do not save themes on your memory card as it cannot be removed using the normal way. best is save theme in your phone memory where it can be uninstall using the application manager.

  • gazza

this phone is very good to start with but then you realise what it is really like, after 3 weeks of having it the middle button fell off and now everytime i send a message the phone freezes, also every other time i try to access the gallery it freezes,i wouldnt but a nokia phone again

  • jagtar

TO Appy
N73 is N73....there is no comparison between n73 and SE k800. I have N73 and SE K750...M using n73 from 3 months and k750 I got this week, after using the n73 I dont even touch k750.
N73 also dont have wifi.
n73 has some software problems ,but after upgrading it it has no prob. U deside wht u want

  • Ahmed Elshrkawy

It's nice phone but has a big size, but in general products takes makes a good score in egypt.

  • hamid

i bout this phone about two w.. ago. ive had the bronze ver. of SEk800i which was very fast & beauty. i loved that so much. one of my friends who is nokia fan bout n73 & forced me to change my k800 with n73 well unfortunatly i did it.this phone is very slow & lack of many basic functionality.the secondary camera on k800 was prety good while in n73 is awful. i dont know maby all symbian phones are like this. anyway is there anyone know how can i add some animations or atleast more items to my sms text just like k800 and how can i set full screen wallpapers on the screen?
thank you.

  • anil

i have bought n 73 recently but has some problem but if i swith off and switch on then the phone will be ok so any one can tell me do some body face the same problem or only me or else my cell phone has some problem plz do inform me