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  • Simon

What about the N73ME vs. N73.

N73 should be a great phone - but, it seems like most people find the "waiting time" navigating in gally ect. slow !
I hate when a phone is hanging in navigating it...
Havde they made any progression with N73ME comparted to N73 ?

  • Gangsta Dogg

Yo I Have a Nokia 6280 with 1GB Mini SD Card! The Phone was dead 2 times! I Think I Have to change it! This N73 Is Killer! :D

  • CJ from KK

A keylock application can be downloaded from here
click on mobile software at top of page and find software for n73

  • mutiara

hii ,
i got this phone ,
but i bought it in indonesia ,
and they didnt have the red/white one ,
is it possible if you can like change the cover , ? .. like , is there a shop which can do it for you ? .. well , uhm , do you think theres a shop that can do it for you ?
like , have to take everything off and yeah .. uhmm , do you think it will cost alot ?

  • Anonymous

Hello everyone; the year is moving quickly isn't it . I hope it doesn't take till the end of the year to solve this problem!! Nokia has two browsers on the phone. The faster browser called "Web" refuses to open. Every attempt is met with: "Web: Already in use." The browser was initially working but a few weeks ago the phone froze during a browsing session. I had to take out the battery then reinsert it. All other functions were now working except the Web browser. Does anybody have an idea on how to correct the fault??

  • Humanfly

Can anyone tell me if the the N73 Music Edition phone comes with the 2GB micro SD in the sales package? Hope you can help me.. Thanx!

  • hafiz

i've been used this n73 since the first time this phone in market. after using this phone until now the problems about the phone is it usually hang by the time i want to open the gallery. after formeting the phone by my self the phone running as usuall. but one thing that i can't forget this phone is because the camera. everyone see the pic picture that i take like it. sharp photos n great colour. the speaker also do the good job. so i recommend if someone want to buy phone just by this phone.

  • RS

one quick question...does this phone have full internet functionality like communicator 9500 or 9300i??Do let me know please.....thanks

  • Anonymous

Hello i just got the N73 Music Edition and i just like to say this is a great phone and i don't regrat spending my money on it

  • N73


I recently uploaded an animated wallpaper but when its set to wallpaper in the main screen the wallpaper becomes static. But the animated wallpaper works fine in the gallery option.

Is there a software for this.


  • Anathaema

to mrs. handbag

please keep in mind that there are RANGES of phones for each type of customer. you are simply not for "too many buttons". this is for business people, not busy people. end of story.
criticising a product because you can't handle it is the most stupid thing in the world.

  • Anonymous

hi all.i just want to say i think the n73 is a very impressive phone.its screen is fantastic and camera. quite decent battery life. the only thing that i dont like is the creaky back panel nokia could have come up with a better solution.

  • death

can the n73 be on landscape mode? cause look at this

  • Bone (antigua)

Hey guys. If there is anyone who visit this site that may thinking of buying the n95 you should check out the n95 users opinion site. Still loving n73. Great looking phone

  • John Mike

hey, this looks great Nokia piece! do u guys know if its screen is a dust collector or not?

  • N73 Animated Wallpap


Anyone knows how to overcome the static wallpaper in the phone?


  • Nokia Empolyee!!!


The locking function on the N73 is exactly the same as the 6230. i just think your thick and are baming the handset rather than the real fault and im afraid thats YOU!! The N73 had its faults when it was first released but anyone stupid enough to buy a new model of anything deserves the faults, 6 months on and a new software build and its flawless so do yourself a favour and use 2 tin cans and a piece of string in future providing thats not too technical!!!!

  • Pride

To Mrs 'Handbag'

What do you mean it is difficult to lock the key pad because there are too many buttons!!??
Come on! it involves pressing just two buttons one after the other. same goes for unlocking the keys.

Taking pictures is so easy that my dog could take them.

open the slider to activate the camera.
then lightly hold down the camera button to focus the picture, then press it down to take the picture.

You need to experiment with the camera options to get the best pictures though.
Same goes for just about every other camera you buy these days.

  • SeDuTeR

wah wah wah NeDe...

wat a complicated life u got there.... i got one suggestion since u hate the newly version of nokia. y dont u get nokia 8310. i think its really suits ur super duper busy day. hehehe.. no offence but dont buy the product that doesnt suits ur life. think b4 u buy n lastly, hell yeah!!! kindly please throw ur n73 in front of pepol to show ur anger (quoted fr previous msg: TQ) hehehe.. or u post ur n73 to me. ahaks!!!!

  • Anonymous

Poor nEDe.....

Just a few qestions for u.

Did anyone point a gun at your thick skull to force you to buy N73 ?

Is it the phone fault to call without your knowledge in your handbag. Is it your own stupidity that resulted in such a stupid situation.

Did the place you buy from forbid u to check on the functions and usage prior to purchase. Ist t also your own ignorance and stupidity that you bought it before u accertain that this phone suits your life style (with such stupidity no wonder u are always so busy).

This phone has many option and like a mini computer to assign shortcut key for each function, my three year old son can even operate the camera and play his game on this phone. How old are you or are you simply lazy like a pig.

Lastly Nokia may the be good or bad has many models for everyone to choose from why you can use their earlier model and now curse them because of you own stupidity.

Be fair and honest with yourself else no phone manufacturer can satisfy you stupid thinking.

Anyway if your are that angry with N73, why use it. If I were you I would have thrown it in front of everybody to proved your anger for Nokia.