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  • Lahiru (France)

To Death

Push To Talk (PTT)

U can use it to call 1 or a group same time.Its using GPRS to connect.(Like WalkiTalki)

To Rick

What do u mean by top left speaker?
theres only 2 speakers.Top and the Bottom

To Ethan

If u update your FIRMWARE u can resolve almost all problems

  • Rick

Pls help me.My top left loudspeaker is not functioning.Is it normal or not?or i need go to repair it.Pls help me.

Your reply wiil be appreciate.Thanks in advanced.

  • Ethan

Are u sure tat all n73 hav tis hanging problem? i hav waited for long tme for my dad to buy me the phone. is all n73 hav tis problem? so sad to hear all ur opinions

  • FIZA

I've used this hp for a month and i found the only thing that good about this hp is the camera and the sound.The smsing process took very long time and it about 15 minute.I'm so tired of waiting so long and this phone keep switch off by itself while sending sms.I always have 2 take out the baterry to proceed the sms process.

  • death

please tell me what "PTT" means and does

  • Anonymous

just buy de N73ME yesterday..
any1 noe how to separate my mp3 in different folders..
i wan create folder in gallery but cant..
it show up all songs !!!

  • raju

This is a worst phone i ever used! sent it back to nokia center twice in 12 day! hang up, hang up N hang up! better dont hang up urself with this mobile! It is a warning to all! truth is truth even though you didnt experienced! Belive on my experience! Also my 2 other friends have the same problem! I came to know when i alredy fell in to the pond!

  • Rezakhani

nokia N73 is a very nice mobile And have good camera

  • Bone(antigua)

The n73me comes with a 2gb mini sd. Hoping to get mine soon.

  • Anonymous


What are you trying to tell us ?

What the store tells you is correct. The N73ME version comes together with 2gb miniSD while the N73 comes only with 128mb miniSD.

The question is not about what the phones come bundled with what minSD card. For your info what you think is incorrect, both phone is able to use upto 2gb miniSD. This was confirmed by Nokia.

  • shadowy

i dont thing the phone would carry 2gb caz i just been in a store telling me that the special edition n73 color black is the only one that carries 2gb and it s a 75 dollers more wish is not bad to have the black one

  • Blaine Goldy

Does anyone on this, an amazing website/forum, know how to pull up the SMS Message counter? Much Appreciated, Blaine!

  • Nick

Hi, I seem to have problems downloading themes to my device (N73 Music Edition). The download is ok, but the theme cannot be put in the themes folder. I have to chose Phone Memory or MiniSD, and then Data, Application, Other, etc...
Anyone have any idea?

  • aLLeX|nno

M.i.K np man..
I've been usen this phone for 3 mouths, with a 512mb memory, and I have np at all with the card, and it has no delay after u enter for the 2nd time in the menu.. I've had one problem with the software.. But, it's a great phone! If u want a phone with no delay and if u don't like nokia, u should go for k800i.. But in my oppinion N73 is way better!

  • M.i.K

@ aLLeX|nno

thanx man .
i like the design of n73 .it has a great display
and ofcourse its a symbian.
i like to use nokia..
thanx 4 ur suggestion

  • bassboy

Just bought the phone yesterday (30/1/07), the best phone ever, all the same features as the N93, just a different design - much smaller - i have no problems with it at all. This phone rocks

  • Anonymous

hello guys,
i hav this phone, i guess it hangs only when i use the 3D sound mode, apart from that, its a great phone, i guess one of the best i've got. the offilne stuff works normally,and the FM is just great.

  • aLLeX|nno

To M.i.K
I have a friend who has this 2gb mermory card, and it works hard when u open the phone and enter in his menu for the first time.. but after that it works very well!
Hope my oppinion helps u...
If u want the phone for the camera, u should buy k800i... this N series, well... they have a problem at the software, that`s anoying!

  • ROB

N73???just like any other N-SERIES phones that hangs frequently, software and os problems.I have an N80 and N73 and the super slow os hurts me a lot.too many features but the phone cant handle's camera resolution is not realistic like the d900 and k800.I'ts like watching a disney film.switch to samsung d900/se k800 instead.n series phones here in the philippines receive a lot of complains already because of IC defectiveness.YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

  • aLLeX|nno

Hi there!
I'm having a problem with the software... If I install the newest software on my phone, what's the difference between the softare what's on N73 and the newest software from Anything new?
10x in advance!