Nokia N78 preview: First Look

GSMArena team, 03 June 2008.

The Nokia N78 boasts a 3 megapixel autofocus camera, Symbian OS with the latest S60 Feature pack 2, built-in GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, the intriguing Navi wheel navigation and an FM transmitter. All those features are enough to make it a worthy successor of the highly popular and capable Nokia N73. Of course, with a similar feature set, Nokia N82 will rival the Nokia N78.

New nokia phones from WMC event New nokia phones from WMC event
Nokia N78 official photos

We are already working on an in-depth review of Nokia N78 but while it's still in the works we share some of our first impressions. Those should give you an idea of the most obvious (and probably some of the most important) pros and cons of the phone.

For starters, check out some photos of the new Nokia N78 we made in the comfort of our office. Hard to call it a beauty, with all that Nokia N81 design, which is not really popular with our team. The fact that all Nseries have to share the dull and unimpressive N81 looks is a real disappointment, but maybe it's just us.

Nokia N78 Nokia N78 Nokia N78
Nokia N78 follows the Nokia N81 unimpressive design

The newest Nseries handset lands just below the top of the company multimedia portfolio. Except for the lack of a 5 megapixel camera and the motion sensor, it has very similar functionality to the flagship Nokia N82.

Nokia N78 however comes with the Feature Pack 2 preinstalled, which won our appreciation in Barcelona back in February. The Navi wheel is also a welcome bonus, and it is now usable across the board and not limited to the multimedia menu only, as in N81. The FM transmitter is another exciting feature, that we enjoyed in the recently reviewed Sony Ericsson W980.

Nokia N78 Nokia N78 Nokia N78 Nokia N78
Nokia N78 views

But enough small talk - let's move on and check what the N78 hardware configuration has to offer. Join us after the jump for the 360-degree spin of the Nokia N78.