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Nokia N80

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Recently bought this phone out of curiosity.
This must have been a big deal back in the day of release. The quirks and features are plentiful: wi-fi, 3G, weird complimentary menu button, hot SD-card slot manual focus camera which is on the level of entry levels smartphones from a few years back.
15 years later it all works like a clock. The downsides would be the slider form-factor which are known to wear-out and stagger a little in general with obviously the lack of apps support.

I still wanna use this one, can someone recommend where I can get one in Africa. Thanks

Why am I here?

This phone was WAY too advanced and featured for the time!

64MB of RAM... Hmmm.....

  • AnonD-734734

...naturally, this was my upgrade from the N70!!

Again, this felt pretty much like the N70 but in a smaller package - oh, and that sliding part, was blimmin AWESOME!!!!!

  • tuyio

obert, 14 Jun 2013N80 s60v3s60v2 not s60v3

  • Kamal

one of my best mobile still im using with out any problem.

  • nasser irani

Milos, 29 Jan 2016Don't say? See date of release!one off the best phone I like it

  • Omi

What Ever you Say But this is one of Iconic and Superb Phone from NOKIA......I really Appreciate......Salute

  • Milos

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2016this phone not support whatsapp..Don't say? See date of release!

  • Anonymous

this phone not support whatsapp..

  • Anonymous

ricardo, 30 Jul 2013hey does this support whatsapp? or viber?yes

  • Noki

How can i unlock it for free

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2013This had probably the first 'high pixel density' screen. It... moreCame here to say that!

  • aqib

gingat, 01 Mar 2014can some one help me how and where to find software for n80... moredude install navi firm and give him your product code and download firmware.....

  • Anonymous

sourov, 15 Nov 2013can i install whats app, viber, or any high graphic games ... moreyes

  • gingat

can some one help me how and where to find software for n80? i tried bit its not available on net :(

  • monu kumar

Its is good wrking now.

  • sourov

can i install whats app, viber, or any high graphic games on my nokia n80? Does they run? Please answer.