Nokia N80

Nokia N80

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  • Omid
  • 83x
  • 22 Apr 2024

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2016this phone not support this time no ,but i had whatsapp on n80 till 2015 also wechat

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    • Panos Seit
    • LH0
    • 19 Apr 2023

    I have this phone since 2007. I have the internet edition of this phone. The back cover is brown and the front cover is Patina Bronze. It still works without many signs, like new

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      • Sdee
      • CFB
      • 18 Oct 2022

      adonisuche, 06 Jun 2020I still wanna use this one, can someone recommend where I c... moreYou can order on eBay. You will get it wherever you are

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        • Anonymous
        • 7kp
        • 22 Sep 2022

        i want nokia n80

          Recently bought this phone out of curiosity.
          This must have been a big deal back in the day of release. The quirks and features are plentiful: wi-fi, 3G, weird complimentary menu button, hot SD-card slot manual focus camera which is on the level of entry levels smartphones from a few years back.
          15 years later it all works like a clock. The downsides would be the slider form-factor which are known to wear-out and stagger a little in general with obviously the lack of apps support.

            I still wanna use this one, can someone recommend where I can get one in Africa. Thanks

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              • NL
              • PA7
              • 04 Jun 2019

              Why am I here?

                This phone was WAY too advanced and featured for the time!

                  64MB of RAM... Hmmm.....

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                    • AnonD-734734
                    • Sqp
                    • 02 Feb 2018

                    ...naturally, this was my upgrade from the N70!!

                    Again, this felt pretty much like the N70 but in a smaller package - oh, and that sliding part, was blimmin AWESOME!!!!!

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                      • tuyio
                      • tuf
                      • 19 Nov 2017

                      obert, 14 Jun 2013N80 s60v3s60v2 not s60v3

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                        • Kamal
                        • uuW
                        • 14 Oct 2017

                        one of my best mobile still im using with out any problem.

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                          • nasser irani
                          • Hxe
                          • 31 Oct 2016

                          Milos, 29 Jan 2016Don't say? See date of release!one off the best phone I like it

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                            • Omi
                            • YM0
                            • 09 Apr 2016

                            What Ever you Say But this is one of Iconic and Superb Phone from NOKIA......I really Appreciate......Salute

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                              • Milos
                              • Yev
                              • 29 Jan 2016

                              Anonymous, 07 Jan 2016this phone not support whatsapp..Don't say? See date of release!

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                                • Anonymous
                                • tuf
                                • 07 Jan 2016

                                this phone not support whatsapp..

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • ITE
                                  • 14 May 2015

                                  ricardo, 30 Jul 2013hey does this support whatsapp? or viber?yes

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                                    • Noki
                                    • na4
                                    • 04 Jun 2014

                                    How can i unlock it for free

                                      Anonymous, 03 Nov 2013This had probably the first 'high pixel density' screen. It... moreCame here to say that!

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                                        • aqib
                                        • KIS
                                        • 09 Apr 2014

                                        gingat, 01 Mar 2014can some one help me how and where to find software for n80... moredude install navi firm and give him your product code and download firmware.....