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  • Anonymous

khalid, 24 Sep 2008can any n82 owner / user tell me how good the gps performance is... moreGenerally the GPS is OK but sometimes it is taking more time to lock on to the GPS signal.In highways and open areas it instantly locks on to GPS.

  • Anonymous

This is the best day of my life!!! I won a brandnew N82!!! waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • brynn

So far hsdpa is more stable but that could be because voda may have upped power or basestations but doubt that,,when you first swithch on a screen comes up to ask if you wish to recieve hints and tips via sms from nokia,,i accepted and got sms confirming this,,In my applications folder a new icon has appeared called My Nokia ,,open it up and you get 4 icons,,
1,,sign up to my nokia
3,,go to my nokia mobile

My cam/video is more stable but holding down the 0 key still does not take me to web????

Cannot find out else yet...

  • harshad patel

camera result best, music sweet, and clearity best, i like this phone my performance design-9%,fratures 9.2 and performance 9.5

  • Anonymous

I use Garmin Moblile XT on my N82 and works better than nokia maps. I have the black version since 5 months now, and the only thing i can say is: this is the best candybar cell phone ever made! Very good picture quality and video recording...amazing specs and not to expensive $470USD new unlock!

But now I'm waiting for a new touchscreen phone from them!

  • riya

n82 is the best

  • brynn

just got my 16gb hc card sandisk,,my n82 performed worse under v20 with 0 key not working to hold and press to get on net,,flickery unstable ca/vid screen,,ages to change themes and once got onto web if i presed buttons to fast to get to sites the fone just goes back to home screen..

Going to update to v30 today to see if it cures these faults but going to get xperia shortly so n82 will just be back up fone..

  • khalid

can any n82 owner / user tell me how good the gps performance is. from the gsm arena review it is really bad. so i am asking all of you experts. and how fast is it without using AGPS. i really need to know. cheers.

  • ganu

i have heared that v30 new firmware for n82 is not hackable is it true
so it mean that i cannot use my hacked brigness

  • Steve J

The N9* series seems to have more profound features. The N93 can print notes ( office folder ) and SMS. For some reason they excluded this feature in the N82. I realised that if one practised, a reasonable typing speed could be reached. Thus short lecture notes could be typed on the phone and printed afterwards. It is not a great idea to keep everything on the phone. Hard copies mean you don't have to be wasting battery juice perusing a small screen all day. Who knows, maybe they've installed it in the new firmware.

  • Nilanjan Chopra

It is a supervb phone in all aspects.

  • New Mill

mark & zarif,

I didnít put anything in it. Like I said I just bought it and got the message "start-up failed contact retailer". How can I format it? I canít access it.

  • koko

can somebody tell me the animated sms serial key. 5 or 9 digit.

  • koko

the new firmware is awesome. I like "Maps" it is different. improvement on the auto-rotate as well.

  • zarif

New Mill, 23 Sep 2008Hello, I bought N82 (Black one) 2 days ago. When I turned on... morethis happen when u have installed many application & games in your mobile. i face this prob. in n73 when i installed 100 games & some appliction.

  • Steve J

These are my recommendations for the upgrade to the N82, although on account of the bigger screen it will more likely fit into the N9* series.
1) Increase the screen size to at least 2.8 inches.
2) Implement VGA res for the screen.
3) Include spell checker and copy and paste features in the browser.
4) install a more conventional keypad so that we can text more easily.
I call it the "Four I" recommendation plan!

  • NokiaDict

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2008hello old users, my version still reads: v 10.0.046. am i far behind?Way way far behind...
Nokia N82 FW evolutions

  • The_one

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2008hello old users, my version still reads: v 10.0.046. am i far behind?yup, Pretty OLD. Upgrade it, if things go perfectly then U will enjoy it more & more.

  • gill

what's the name of the song that is played when you use picture slide show ?

  • The_one

jonny, 23 Sep 2008pls old n82 users,how do i use my flash as torch and alsoas a vi... moreXenon flash can't be used as torch.