Nokia N8 first official video demo comes out, not bad at all

28 May, 2010

Nokia has obviously put a lot of eggs in the N8 basket and is keen to convince us that it's a phone worth having. Nokia has just released the first of a trilogy of videos that demonstrate the new Symbian^3 user interface and the N8 speed and responsiveness.

The first video focuses on customizing the new homescreen, messaging, internet browsing and maps. As it turns out the Symbian^3 brings quite a lot of new stuff, despite what the early preview we saw claimed.

More eye-candy is added, the number of available widgets has been increased and the task manager has been completely redesigned. Threaded messaging is also there and the virtual QWERTY keyboard has been refreshed. There are also several other minor changes that we noticed but those should be the most crucial in terms of user experience.

We cannot say that the Nokia N8 is the fastest handset we have seen but it doesn't seem to be on the slow side either. And with a few months left before it hits the shelves things might improve even further. Here goes the video in question so you can see for yourselves.

Also feel free to check the demo videos of the N8 gaming performance that we posted in our blog earlier today.



Reader comments

  • z2

right on bro

  • NVA

A phone, including a smart phones, needs to be first and foremost a PHONE and then you can add in all the other stuff like internet, music, tv, apps etc. The Android OS has gone 5 version (1.5 to 2.2) in 14 MONTHS. Android is full of bugs at t...

  • Tom-Helge

The reason why they should change the OS totally is because they need to be as much up to date as other mobile OS'es are to get more and more intrested in Symbian. Now more and more are running from Symbian to Android. Wanna guess why?.

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