Nokia N8 shows up as 'Coming soon' on the Vodafone UK site

27 May, 2010

The Nokia N8 is coming. Soon. On Vodafone. The 12MP sharpshooter will land in the UK, but unfortunately Vodafone is mum on the details. The German Amazon site put the Nokia N8 on preorder a while back too, but chances are we won't see it until the end of August.

We've seen sample shots from the Nokia N8, benchmarks against the Nokia N97, we even interviewed Damian Dinning, who has worked on the camera of the N8. All this is driving up the anticipation and we can't wait, even with a negative early preview we saw earlier.

Nokia N8 Nokia N8 Nokia N8
Nokia N8 official photos has the N8 at 470 euro preorder - a 100 euro premium over the expected price of 370 euro. Neither Amazon or Vodafone say anything about the release date though - officially it's Q3 2010 but we've heard August 24 is the day when the Nokia N8 will hit the stores.

Anyway, keep an eye on the Vodafone site - when they move it from "Coming soon" to preorder status, we'll have another price point and hopefully get a better idea of the actual price of the Nokia N8 at release. We're still keeping our fingers crossed for the 370 euro that Nokia promised.



Reader comments

  • Spyroscesarsc

LoLeN man! What do you say? Eldar's review was a shot in the head of N8... :P gsmarena is very good with N8 comparable with Eldar Murtazin... Google it.. :p

  • Lol

What are you saying. Check your words again. Gsmarena meant Eldar's review.

  • bill jobs

gsmarena never published a negative review for n8.. they juz posted the news of sumone who did.

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