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  • Jason

Yes! Its released today! I just called the Nokia Care Line and they say they received an update following the N90 release date from 25thJune to 23rdJuly. Also the estimated price is S$1388. You can only buy this phone at authorised Nokia dealer found on the Nokia website itself, for the time being. Get this phone nw!!

  • Hubb

Kelv, will the phone be available where??

  • Wonderkid

Can anyone tell me when the N90 will be avail at Carphone Warehouse (or anywhere else), here in London, England. They say 'July' on their website. I want it on contract. Cheers.

  • FaWzY

what the .... is nokia thinking?!!
a mobile phone that costs almost 900$, it's not that better than SE K750i, it's uglier and it's almost a price of a laptop, they r so strange to even think of getting out a phone with such a price

  • hachi_roku

Guys, I need some info and opinions :)

I was all set on finally getting rid of my MPx200 (yeah I know...) for a W800i. I just checked this phone for the first time and I'm undecided now. This is the first Nokia in a long time that I don't think looks unnecessarily strange, if that makes sense.

Anyway, the screen(s), particularly the interior looks amazing - 352x416! Plus this has EDGE and can play music anyway making use of the memory card. I prefer the clamshell style so the screen is protected but the N90 looks heavy! Almost twice as heavy as the W800i. But damn I love silver phones and it'll have the Nokia interface.

Finally, does anyone care to speculate if it would be possible to run GPS software (Tom Tom Mobile) on this since it's running Symbian OS?

Sorry if it's been mentioned already but how much is this going to cost as sim-free in the UK? I believe the W800i will be around 300 so that's what it's up against. The W800i has, by the spec listings, a fair amount of extra battery life.

Man, this is tough. Help guys!

  • Chris

If you want to insult your own intelligence, then yes, please, go ahead and buy on E-bay. What will arrive at your door will be no more technologically advanced than a piece of cardboard... with, if your lucky, something moderately related to the product expected. However, if you are patient, then wait untill the phone arrives within stores, just two weeks away for europeans, and anywear else. Something this good, the N90, should be purchased properly, however, the decision is yours.

  • Vincent

Why is it stupid to buy at eBay?
A lot of people say that to me..

  • Loreto

I think i have had enough of this comparison between the Camera of the N90 & K750i..What i mean is though both of them are 2 Mega autofocus..the N90 seems much better in the sharpness & especially Macromode..I am sayin this on the basis of the comparison give at even then people are sayin the K750i seems better..I think they should get there are eyes checked or they are utterly biased towards SE or maybe this is one of SE's publicity stunts..But i am sure once the N90 is available more widely,People will realize..One thing you cant deny is the SE K750i is a very Good Camera mobile for its PRICE...The Nokia's[N70,6280,6270] although are 2 Mega, they dont have Auto focus..

  • Moe

I was reading in some magzines and they were comparing the n90 camera to the k750i. The k750i came up top. Hmmm maybe people shouldnt buy this fone for the camera.

  • Mido

I think that the Nokia N90 is the best mobile I have ever seen.If somebody wants to buy a phone camera with a high quality photo,the Nokia N90,N91 and N70 are the only mobiles.

  • Xain

I just wanted to know is that how can we have a vedio talk on nokia N90 when the flip is open cause the cam is not facing us. cause it says that the cam rotates only 90degrees. plz reply soon

  • DiNeR

I think, this is the BEST NOKIA cell phone, no?

  • Hubb

Though Nokia Care stated that the phone will launch tomorrow, but there are no sign of it. Usually stock will come in 1 or 2 days before the launch date, but not this time. Sad to say, but very unlikely the phone will appear on the shelves tomorrow.

  • Shell

Yeah, I know that Kelv. Im also expecting to see your review so I can definitely be calm and relax about the vibration issue. I am so nervous...

I hate Nokia for delaying this phone so much... hell I want it now!

  • Kelv

Shell, N90 would most definitely not be launched in your country tomorrow.

  • Shell

No infrared on Nokia phones anymore, just bluetooth.

I am guessing it will not be released tomorrow... hahahaha

  • Masham Sheikh

PLZ can anyone tell me is this mobile has infrared. here it is mentioned no infrared but on it is mentioned that it has infrared. anyone used it plz confirm it THX

  • Hubb

Nokia Care line says the N90 will be released tomorrow 23 Jul 05 in Singapore.

  • Hahaha

Delays. Delays. This week, next week. I think Nokia is very busy dismantling the N90 and putting the vibrate thingy inside. LOL. LOL.

  • Hubb

Asked Suntec Nokia yesterday night, nokia girl told me probably month end. No indication this weekend..