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  • Kelv

Dear Sid, the release of Nokia N90 in Singapore is very condensed. I guess only the exclusive distributors will receive stock first.

  • sid

its all confused. jason is telling it will b out in 2 weeks, nanda said abt tommorow and kelv saying about saturday.

  • Kelv

Dear Nanda, is the N90 available out tomorrow at Nokia Wheelock? I am dying to have one and my dealer will only receive stocks on saturday!

  • Shell

Nokia 9500 and 9300 dont have vibration... and they are not cheap phones...

Still 2 weeks for N90 realease on Europe??!?! Hell!! I cant wait longer!

  • Kelv

Two weeks later would be nothing but utterly ridiculous. That's the date of release in europe! Try calling the nokia number in singapore to enquire on the release date and they'll tell you it's slated for release this weekend. Even my own dealer whom i'll be most probably buying from has stated that stocks would arrive this weekend.

  • Jason

Hi Kelv, where can i get it from?? I just went to Nokia@Woodlands and the staff there told me that it would be released ard 2 weeks later, so I was a bit surprised. Pls tell me!! coz i wan this phone so much too!! lol.

  • Steven


Nokia simply didn't put the vibration among specifics of the phone, because this phone is filled with so so many amazing features that vibration is the least important to list.

EVERY FOOL WILL KNOW that today's cell. phone simply cannot be without vibration mode, so there is no need even to list vibration among specs!

PLEASE, TAKE A LOOK CAREFULY one more time at two photos that are taken by Nokia N90 , in the GSMarena review. To me they are simply amazing! (clearer then k750, 6630 or s700).

  • understanding

Thank you for the reminder. Yup the specification of the website N90 external LCD is way too different from all the reviews. and it's typically wrong as you have said. so if you believe that this is wrong. I will give a damn f*****g s**t to nokia. they are crap sometimes. nokia is a very big corporate business and they are posting wrong information. Do they have proofreaders or website inspectos. yes, everybody is entitled for committing mistakes but on a Nokia website??? give me a break.

visit NokiaUSA website here under Specification:,7747,feat:1­,00.html

  • Kelv

Nanda, things are getting hyped here in Singapore.

My dealer has told me that his stocks for N90 would be coming this weekend. Nokia has far as I am aware would start selling it on Saturday but if it's going to be tomorrow according to you, it's going to be superb!

Price would be $1388.00 inc. GST!

  • Jason

Thx Nanda =], whee so do u mean tt I can jus pop by any Nokia shop to buy it starting tmr? Coz i sty in Yishun so travelling down to Bukit Merah would be a bit erm far. lol. oh yea ill go down to woodlands and check on the Nokia shop there later, and keep u all updated.

  • nic

this phone is really confusin me?! everybody is saying different things about weither it vibrates or not?! well does it?! and it doesnt say anything about bluetooth?! plz help!

  • Shell

I have reserved the N90 at an online shop. They say it probably will arrive this week, but i dont believe it, since it has been delayed many many times.

I hope it is out this month, I would not like to wait until august.

I want it now!! Ive been waiting almost a month ;(

  • aaron bennett

i think that's the best and the prettiest nokia n90, i like the picture and the way it spins soon has it comes out am going get it.

  • Estland

for life of others

i need Nokia with size of SE K750i, with business features, music download, up to 3 MPix camera and with killing design. today 8800, 6680 and N70 are quite normal choices

  • harVy

Shell, where did you read the release date will be on the 1st of August? Do you no if thats just a Spanish release or thw whole of Europe? The UK always seems to get everything last :(

  • n90

when is it gonna be launched in india. I just asked a nokia shop and they have no idea when this will be launched. and what will be the price here?

  • Jason

Most of the reviews of the phone are preliminary. They are reviewing pre-production phones. Im not saying its going to have vibration or not, but its not fully clear yet. Also the frames per second for the video recording is not concrete. Hopefully its 30 frames per second.

  • Si DUde

This phone has vibration, Mobile review, GSM Arena and a few others sort of share a lot of the specs of a phone and those said it had no vibration, if you look a lot of other sites say it does and I spoke to Nokia and they said it did too!

  • Kelv

Oh, don't believe Nanda? Why so? Even my dealer has already told me that the stocks will be in this Friday onwards. And the phone has vibration.

I really do not know what it going on over this delicate issue. We Singaporeans are going to be one of the first countries in the world to get hold of this phone and the conference was held in ritz carlton a month ago.

I do hope you know that Nokia has incorporated the vibrate due to them forgetting it to put it into the prototype. It's a whole new system and there are definitely bound to be drawbacks on the first version!

  • Grop

Everyone on forums such as, or say it doesnt have vibration.

Many of them have talked about what it is said in here, and they dont believe any users opinion... they say they dont trust this forum.

I believe those forums are much more serious ones than this one. One of them, Moby, has got the N90 and has proved with pictures and videos that the N90 does not have vibration.

Dont believe Nanda, she is lying